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  1. Burning on the inside? Dude The blown Super Bowl memes are coming back. Its like being stuck in a time machine
  2. Is anybody else still running into jokes. Its like not stopping and its tormenting. I almost wish we didnt go to the Superbowl. Inlitetally just watched a review of "The Never Ending Story" movie and book. And this dude literally made a falcons super bowl joke. All i wanted was to enjoy a brew and a mindless youtube review vid after a long hard day of work. And yet again i run into another joke Months after. i feel like this is going to stay with the team for awhile. Is anybody else still seeing jokes pop up after all this time.
  3. I honestly say if we win this year we could potentially have back to back superbowl wins
  4. If Matt Ryan has mastered the offense and we no huddle. I see us as a superbowl team. Everything doesnt have to be perfect. I cant remember the last SB team where everything and everyhole was perfect. I trust quinn to make us top 10 defense. I have full faith in this team
  5. Im liking Wilds. Would love to keep him and have him run on special teams
  6. Sad thing is this shouldnt even be an issue anymore. Stop promoting the lie
  7. Defense was the issue imo. Something quinn would of fixed. More upgrades on the oline would of helped as well
  8. Well atleast we know what works and what doesnt work. Ryan and shanny need to formulate a playbook that suits their strengths and give ryan his no huddle. By next year we should be good with the playbook. LB and linenen on offense.
  9. Mandatory superbowl run upset by divisional rival. Panthers are taking it
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