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  1. 3 hours ago, Arkridge said:

    I think Sark and his love for 2 and 3 TE sets helps his chances to get looks this year. He's a dynamic receiver. Big and fast. I don't think he'll contribute all that much this year but if he can have a few nice run-after-catch plays like Hooper did a few times last year, he'll get more and more looks. Idk what it is about Saubert but I think he's going to do well here. We have one of the best TE coaches in the league and the offense to cater to his type of skill set.

    TE Coach also a Drake guy.

  2. Eric is a buddy of mine and came to Drake a year after I left. He will fit the brotherhood perfectly and will be able to give us depth and a H back guy who can block out of the back field yet be a threat in the passing game.

  3. Saints get the coin toss, receive, drive down the field in six plays for a TD as Payton and Brees implement their plan to play aggressive, wide-open football. Falcons get the ball, put an 11-play drive together, but settle for a 36-yard FG. Saints get the ball, go down the field in five plays and score another TD. Falcons get into Saints territory, are stopped by an offensive holding call on 3rd and 8, and then punt.

    Saints get the ball and score a TD on a 9-play drive. Falcons offense goes into up-tempo, no-huddle mode, JJ shakes loose and Falcons score their first TD on a 62-yard pass. Falcon defense gets their first stop of the day, Saints punt. After several possessions that don't result in points for either team, Falcons drive the length of the field as the half runs out, but two holding penalties put them back at the 35 yard line. They make a 42-yard FG. Score at half: 21-6.

    Second half, Falcons receive the kick, Hester breaks free for a 45-yard return, but Saints defense hold the Falcon offense at mid-field. Falcons punt. Saints receive the ball and grind out a 12-play drive, mostly keeping the ball on the ground with a now-comfortable lead, score a TD. Falcons drive down the field, have a TD catch nullified by a push off on Roddy White, Falcons settle for a FG. Teams trade a couple of possessions as 4th qtr. begins. Falcons score their first TD of the half on a 6-play drive with a Hester TD pass. Falcon defense gets a tipped pass, Falcons take the ball down the field, but can't get in the end zone and get the FG. Saints throw a 15-yard pass to Graham, he breaks a tackle and ends up at the Falcon 23. Saints get a TD two plays later. Falcons score a TD late, making the final score Saints 35, Falcons 26. Falcons QB Matt Ryan has stats that are close to Brees, total yards are close, but the Falcons inability to score TD's are the major difference in the game.

    Ummm this adds up to Saints 35-30...Solid attempt tho. Falcons 24-17 will be the final.

  4. CLowney would not be the answer, we need a big sized DT, ie NIX. That would free up our DE's who might be young but showed against CAR that they can get the job done. I say we get a big sized DT, and a RG, whether we trade down or not we have to fill those 2 positions. It will help solidify our LB being able to make plays and SJAX to return to form.

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