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  1. Same here, yet he's our fastest and best route running TE. Don't understand not giving him a look split out wide or in the slot, something he did his entire college career. Wait...Sark happened NVM
  2. Yes been active in all but one game due to injury. Plays 50% special team snaps. Can't find him in our offense rho.
  3. I was a Drake LB from 07-11, that is a fact most people think we played for Duke.
  4. Eric is a buddy of mine and came to Drake a year after I left. He will fit the brotherhood perfectly and will be able to give us depth and a H back guy who can block out of the back field yet be a threat in the passing game.
  5. It was not designed for Kroy to follow the wheel route. If you watch the play he was doing a zone drop and had a safety over the top of him that got caught up on a post route to the inside and was late with over the top coverage.
  6. Yeah, their headquarters is name One Buc Place...real dumb. We are speaking of the Bucs tho.
  7. Scott Smith ‏@ScottSBucs 5m5 minutes ago Confirming that these 4 FAs are scheduled to visit One Buc today: LB Bruce Carter, S Chris Conte, DT Henry Melton & G Stefen Wisniewski. No Morgan on the schedule.... Does that mean he's a Falcon in a few hrs?
  8. Fangio wold be a great fit especially with Quinn system as they both have elements of a 43 and 34. That and they know how to draft solid defensive players.
  9. As is everything else, specualtion. It does speak volumes that he turned down the niners. He and Matt Ryan will have a fun off season putting together our offense with the weapons we have and hopefully we can pick up a receiving te.
  10. We cannot offer nor can we hire a coach who is in the Superbowl/ playoffs.
  11. Of course I do! Playoff experience matures and grows players more than getting a top 15 draft pick. If you look back in history later 1st rd picks or even later rd picks are the hall of famers, not your top 10 picks.
  12. We are definitely not loaded at the DB position and we do not need a TE, why can people not understand that we have gone away from the Tony G offense, we need blocking TE's with decent hands when needed.
  13. Ummm this adds up to Saints 35-30...Solid attempt tho. Falcons 24-17 will be the final.
  14. IFFF Brees stays injured or is laboring I say 10, However a realistic 4-5 range makes more sense as of right now. Once we get our amoeba running and we can blitz we will be fine. It will take this D a couple of years until they can be a top flight Pass D.
  15. CLowney would not be the answer, we need a big sized DT, ie NIX. That would free up our DE's who might be young but showed against CAR that they can get the job done. I say we get a big sized DT, and a RG, whether we trade down or not we have to fill those 2 positions. It will help solidify our LB being able to make plays and SJAX to return to form.
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