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  1. I am a european and we are fortunate enough to be able to purchase GamePass and watch every game. As I understand it, people residing in the US are not able to do so. I would imagine that the local stations always shows Falcons. But how about you people outside of Georgia? Please correct me if I am wrong
  2. Nope. Mathews - New Guard - Hawley - Asamoah - Schraeder
  3. Makes more sense to extend him after june 1st. When Jackson and Baker can be cut
  4. we have him at least one more year, and they would rather tag him than let him hit FA. Julio is an elite wideout, those rarely test the market.
  5. Jackson, Soliai, Matthews, Peters, Hageman and Babineaux. All of whom are capable players, not all suited for 4-3 DT though. We all would want Hageman to be the guy to anchor this line, but he did not improve quite as much as I would anticipate. How do we do this?
  6. Mass is done, Osi and Bier will likely go as well. We wil get at least 2 new edge rushers through the FA and draft. But is Maponga now the guy whe look to as a backup/rotational guy? If we get a 3-4 OLB and convert him to a 4-3 OLB like Irvin, i could see Maponga come on the field as DE on obvious passing downs. Maybe spare a bit with Goodman.
  7. No way. To me this guy is an elite guy. top 3 receiver at least. Cooper might be a playmaker but Julio as exquisite.
  8. If he doesn't get signed. We might as well just sell the franchise and quit the NFL
  9. When are the official dates for it? When are we allowed to resign, sign and trade?
  10. I think he proved himself capable for a bigger role. But is he a guy we could trust as the primary back?
  11. he would be a nice asset. But getting offensive weapons are not top priority. First get some pass rushers, then extend julio, get some protection for matty and add a dence runningback
  12. oh boy. This whole new situatione gives me hope for the future. I'm certain that these guys are competent and able to make the best of our talent. I think that Smith/Quinn can turn our Defense into one of the better ones in the league. Aproximately top 10. # RiseUp
  13. Bakers contract is bar far the dumbest move of TD ever. It's contructed so horribly.
  14. Quinn is so similar to Mike Smith when he just got here...
  15. I really, really hope you are wrong. Julio is a gamechanger.
  16. He will be signed no matter what, because he is so important on special teams..
  17. Omg, I seriously doubt this is true at all. Why wouldn't the sound be louder then
  18. Obviously the corpse/corps word-playing was to much for you guys :p But seriously how do we revive the linebackers - cuz in my opinion they played decent enough during the /2012/2013 season. I mean we still sucked, but I think that was mainly due to sucky lines and DeCoud
  19. So let's play with the though of us being a 4-3 under defense next year. Which is kinda good for our linebacker corps, because they actually played well in the last games of the 2013 season, when Spoon got back. Right now these are the guys: Worrilow Shembo Bartu Spruill Starr (Spoon) So as I see it, Shembo and Worrilow are pretty capable players, with limitations. I think either could be effective in a 4-3. Worrilow could play SLB and MLB and shembo could play WLB but would be prefered as SLB. I think he is a decent pass rusher but really lacks coverage abilities like Worrilow. That's why I would really like them to resign Spoon, just for a year and see if we could find a great player in the draft to challenge him and the others. Bartu I realy liked in his rookie campaign, but he really hasn't progressed and I think this is due to the 3-4/4-2 scheme last year. He was very good as SLB in 4-3. As for Spruill and Starr. I haven't seen any of them in action since college and I would imagine them even have a hard make the cut. What comforts me is, that Quinn really works well with linebackers and he can pretty quickly see what way to go. Conclusion: I really wouldn't mind grapping a MLB in the first round in case we move back.
  20. Matty is fawking epic QB. He miht not have all the tools, but I see a guy with a heart as big a melon and he's able to stay chill even on a terrible team
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