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  1. All part of my master scientific plan I created in my lab at Coke. I infiltrated the message board unnoticed and trolled you all. Victory is mine.
  2. Roman Harper 2x pro bowl 09/10 AP> Heisman> American Idol>Pro Bowl
  3. Brees was an All Pro year 6. How many did Ryan have his first 6 years?
  4. Manning, Brady , Brees have broken many. Rodgers has one. All four were All Pro in their first 6 years. Is this the season Matt gets a record or AP for his HOF ELITE career?
  5. He's a smart, accurate passer. Will always beat lesser teams , and win a bunch of games. Just will never be a great or ELITE QB Never going to look for homerun balls. He's the Mike Smith of QB's. Always looking for the safe play and not make a mistake.Always trying to get FG's and hoping for a T D. Great QBs go for TDs and settle for FGs.
  6. Coming out of B/C ,everybody said MR would be a really good QB in NFL .It wa predicted he would win early and have a long career.it has now been said for 7 years how good he is,but will never be great. Falcons were only team that wanted this problem to draft him #3. The team has focused on helping him become great ( TG,Julio,SJ,Matthews) and ignored other areas. Falcon fans jumped on the MR bandwagon believing he would prove everybody wrong. Over past 7 years MR supporters have dropped off this bandwagon. Realizing he will never be great,and no longer wanting to be ridiculed ( even Swif
  7. saints fans biggest worry last offseason was will smith starting as olb. standing up and running at a lineman won't improve his 7.5 sacks. osi couldn't run past or overpower lineman last season .his sacks came from lineman not blocking him,or blitz forcing qb to his spot. his sacks were close to LOS he wasn't getting penetration in backfield and being run out of sacks or over pursuing....... he no longer has burst. him standing off LOS will allow lineman to set their stance. running backs will get more yards. abe is old,but always gets penetration. 3-4 helped him see gaps and play in front
  8. both teams lost. jags and skins will win the trade. skins claim dent on waivers. jags claim yates, after saints cut McCown, Luke and falcons sign him.
  9. Starr in the aldon smith role would lead the team in sacks and could be an all pro in a couple of years with experience as a lolb.Gallette plays lolb but still played at los. Gallette was primarily a fourth lineman playing off double teams using speed with 1-1 matchups with lt. He had bunch of sacks but missed just as often. Mass and starr in 2 years would be a nightmare as they can both drop in coverages. Starr would be the rare lolb that doesn't just rush standing up. And he is the only true lolb on the team. OSI,bier are projects that could doom the 3-4. Good,ponga are rolb Run downs.peter
  10. mass would be a very productive 3 down starter at rolb. bier playing early downs and osi on passing downs at lolb, if mass gets more than 5 sacks,the lolbs are getting good pressure n forcing pressure to his side. using him as lolb would waste his ability to cover. best pass rusher will be the re with quickest burst that makes the transition.if not you have osi/others playing close to los in 3 pt. stance.
  11. after saints expose team as pretenders ? or waste #1 pick on lost season? tanking 2014/15 seasons would allow falcons to become legit contenders with brees 2 yrs. older.
  12. Nolan is running his new hybrid d the 6-2-3. Panthers are introd ucing their new O scheme (2 DE,2 DT,C, 1 WR,FB,TE.2 RB,QB ) Rugby/Aussie/HS/playground hybrid.NFCS with be the new innovators.
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