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  1. Glad to see this. I concur. Not dissing KS, but I think this is the likely outcome. And BTW - its sour. The grapes are sour........:-) :-)
  2. I understand the current OT rules in the NFL. In regular season play, if, after the 15 minute OT period has expired and the score is tied, the game is counted as a tie. What happens in the post season......?
  3. Scratch # 3. Other than that, I stand pat. http://boards.atlantafalcons.com/topic/4043299-one-preseason-game/
  4. I thought Matt Schaub looked pretty good against the Skins. But vs the Browns, I saw a few passes that looked weak to me. Underthrown, behind the receiver, that type of thing. He's a little older, and maybe his arm strength has diminished. I like the veteran presence, but IMO the jury's still out on his arm. Don't know how much we'll see Thursday, but that's something I want to look at.
  5. Coverage has been his talked about shortcoming though. He hits like a freight train, and yes has Chancellor size, which is exactly what DQ wanted. The good news is that he can be coached on his coverage. Yes, he had decent coverage on that play, but mistimed his jump to get the deflection. JMO
  6. After one practice game: - Fire Shanahan - M. Ryan sucks - We are SB bound .....that should about sum it up. No need to read any other posts.............
  7. Free hugs day, man!! Come on......here's yours.............
  8. I absolutely hate this. All black works. Red - not so much. I thought the Cardinals looked ridiculous in all red. Hopefully - no Thursday games for ATL.
  9. Ahhhh..........wrong Keanu I thought we were getting Shane Falco My bad...................... :-(
  10. Sounds right. I guess I just figured there'd be some type of announcement Wikipedia says he plays for ATL. Of course we all know how reliable Wiki is!! Thx................!
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