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  1. I wear my Matt Ryan jersey. This season falls on my shoulders and I take the blame, I will do better in the future executing laundry and folding. I have decided to change to Tide packets to try to gain some speed. I will continue to perfect putting my arms through the holes. Rise up!
  2. Some people here just want to bash players any chance they get. Pathetic
  3. He still got held on a lot of plays and it didn't get called. Even on the sack he would have had it much earlier if some dude didn't hold him. He's not as bad as people think. I see him get hit by TEs and RBs a lot to slow him down and I think we do too many stunts.
  4. Nate Sudfeld would be a great prospect. He can make all the throws and has good decision making. Late round QB that I believe could be a really good steal.
  5. yep they even said it would be hard to get a Ryan got McCown trade and that we would have to send something besides Ryan for stafford.
  6. Couldn't believe my eyes. Atlanta sports continue to surprise me with the total stupid **** that happens week in and week out
  7. Even in the pre season, the offense looked great some games and awful other games. It is just so frustrating watching it. The signs keep pointing to Shannhan but I'm sure the team will make the right choice...eventually
  8. with that logic you might as well only play backups the entire season
  9. with colemans speed I don't think you can keep him on the bench. That fumble was unfortunate but if Barr doesn't make that play, Coleman is scoring on that play. He's the only RB on our team that has the ability to take it the distance at any time.
  10. With the struggles of the passing game and the constant struggles of forcing the ball - is it time for us to go back to the ground where we have seen huge dividends?
  11. Kevin Martins foot was on the line on that last rebound, big missed call there
  12. We all dreamed about playing for our hometown and helping this city get a ring. Happy that he gets to live that dream and he continues to show he is a great dude off the field. Rough for him as a rookie with apparently all the pass rush responsibilities put on him by the fans - if we don't have sacks, its cause Beasley is a bust, which is unfair to such a young player.
  13. red jersies are FIRE shoutout to MUTOMBO i see u THjr no panic guys lmao HAWKS BACK ON THE WIN TRAIN
  14. Every team we face is blitzing like crazy. They see that it is working. CBs know they don't have to worry about deep routes and can undercut routes making Ryan hold the ball or throw into a tight window. We need to run some screens and longer routes to make teams think twice about blitzing us. We did a better job of this last week.
  15. Collins has shown some good things. He just needs to increase awareness which will come with playing more. Calling a rookie CB a bust already is funny af. Most CBs take awhile to adjust to NFL, we were lucky with truant and to a lesser extent Alford.
  16. Some of the blame on him, but when you are missing wide open throws and turning the ball over, some of it is on the players.
  17. Been really impressed by schofield so far. His 10 yard loss against Demarco Murray sticks out to me and of course his dirty bird dances. Having Beasley go against RTs is a favorable matchup imo and could get him going
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