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  1. Feel like we have to give some credit to Kazee for his performance last night. He was all over the place on special teams and made a huge impact helping to cause 2 turnovers. Big performance by him as the Rams had one of the best special teams and Kazee was able to create an advantage for us in that facet of the game. Kudos Kazee!
  2. I'll add Brian Poole to the list. Was all over the field, making solid tackles with big hits and played very good coverage. Seems like he always plays very well against the Packers.
  3. They had some footage of the rally when the Falcons drove by on snapchat, add the Falcons on snapchat @falcons
  4. B1G fan here, Peppers is a LB first off. Second, the guy is extremely overrated. He is at best Deone Bucannan. Even if he was available, I wouldn't want us to select him.
  5. On reddit a lot of Celtics fans are complaining about rebounding already lmao (I can't wait until they face the Cavs and Tristan Thompson makes Horford his little *****). We played very fast paced at times last night and were a bit out of control. Other than that, we have added rebounding, and actually have offensive rebounding. I think we can focus a lot more on the perimeter with Dwight in the paint vs the Cavs. They killed us with the 3's last season and I think they will have to beat us in another way this season. I am feeling good about taking a few from the Cavs.
  6. 53-29 Dwight, Paul make the All-Star team. Dennis wins Most Improved Player.
  7. With the season starting tomorrow (!!!), I thought it would be fun to go ahead and predict the record for our Atlanta Hawks Basketball Club in the upcoming season. We can revisit at the end of the season and see who was right and who was wrong. Feel free to add any other predictions you have for the season (ex: Dennis Schroder MVP). I'll keep a tally here: ATL_DirtyBirds: 53-29
  8. I agree. I dont believe in us selecting strictly de first based on a need there. If there is a fs there that is better than a de, take the fs. I just think that DL is the biggest need. Pass rushers cost a lot and we haven't done well in FA with that area so I am a bit concerned.
  9. The focus still has to be on the DL imo. We have Beasley as a DE, but just have strop gaps at the other DE positon - Freeney, Clayborn, ?? - all of these guys are stop gaps. We need to get a young player to put on the other side. Same can be said about DT as well with Grady Jarrett (Derrick Shelby?? Hageman??). We have relied so long on just FA acquisitions for this position (Clayborn, Shelby, Freeney, Jackson, Solai, Edwards, etc), we really need to be using some picks here. There's no question that Allen could be upgraded though, but I feel we have a more pressing issue at the DL positions. The good thing about Allen is, that he isn't going to hurt us so he is serviceable for a bit.
  10. As an Indiana fan, I knew that his rookie season was not at all a true depiction of his skills, seemed like he just wasn't acclimated to pro life and now he is. Beautiful job by Shannahan to put him on the outside knowing that the Broncos like man coverage, which forces a LB on him. There isn't a LB in the NFL that is going to be able to cover Coleman on a go route. Also, I have been jizzing in my pants since Sunday's performance by Coleman haha.
  11. As an Indiana guy, I love Tevin and I always knew he could do things like this. Still waiting for the long rushes tho. Also, I think this speaks about the team mentality we keep hearing from Julio, Free, Quinn, etc that he was willing to do this for the team.
  12. Jones has definitely shown that he has skills that we have been missing for a while. Great speed and closing speed, coverage ability, and tackling (as others have mentioned the goal-line stop yesterday though he still sometimes misses on some tackles). But like any rookie he has to be more consistent and him and Campbell both need better gap integrity. I'd rather have guys out there with the skill sets of Jones and Campbell vs Worrilow, you aren't gonna get much faster or athletic and it's easier to learn the game (anyone who has played a sport and jumped from one level to the next knows there is a different in speed of the game and takes time for the game to slow down). The film that keeps coming in my mind of Worrilow is vs the Vikings where he was absolutely destroyed by AP play after play.
  13. I may be biased as an Indiana fan, but my boy Tevin Coleman is going to do big things this season man. Last season was now where near what he can do and what I saw in college.
  14. I was at mini camp, this guy absolutely flies to the football. Very excited about what he can do this season and in the future.
  15. Let's not forget another thing. Alice Whoreford changed his Twitter to this huge Celtic **** tweeting out Celtic Pride. He has yet to thank the Hawks, teammates, coaches, fans, or anything during his 9 years here. Jeremy Lin spent a season in Charlotte and did way more than horford who always said he loved the city blah blah team chemistry here is unbelievable blah blah. This guy tried to portray himself as some professional player but we see now he's just a slimeball. Go get bodied by kelly olynk in practice
  16. Watching his tape he did a great job of covering RBs out of the backfield. If he can be a plus in run game as well we will have a gem
  17. I feel that the sack numbers are not what we should be concerned with. This defensive scheme rarely sends blitzes and relies on the front 4 to generate pressure while the secondary forces short passes that the LBs swarm to. Yes we do not have dominant pass rushers but with the ideas above, the goal of the defense is to force dumb downs that LBs can stop quickly.
  18. Round 1: Leonard Floyd OLB 6'6" 245 lbs. We all know by know the phrase "fast and physical" that has been repeated over and over again. Its also clear that this pick could likely come down to Darron Lee or Leonard Floyd. I am not in love with either prospect. Both guys have speed, but they can really be blown off the ball by blockers. Lee is explosive in the open field, but I just have questions whether or not he can withstand the physicality of being in the box. Now, my ideal situation is to trade back and select one of these two (or maybe Cravens) and get the extra draft pick. I have us selecting Floyd here (I have a feeling Lee will be gone by when we select too). He brings a good motor, athletic ability, and versatility to our defense. I encourage all of you to watch these two videos and judge for yourself. Lee looks bad, and Floyd was avoided but he did show some good awareness at 5:20. Round 2: Su'a Cravens SS 6'1" 226 lbs. Like I said above, I would be totally ok with trading back and selecting Cravens earlier. Cravens is another athletic, versatile defender. He plays with his hair on fire. He has the instincts to sniff out where to go and the speed to get there in a hurry. Cravens is a very smart player who does a great job with reading the offense and attacking the ball, but his aggressive style can sometimes cause him to miss a play. Round 3: Javon Hargrave DT 6'1" 309 lbs. I really love this guy. I know there will be people who will immediately discredit him because he played FCS. However, you look at the film and he reminds you of Aaron Donald and Grady Jarret. He has outstanding burst and get off to beat OL right off the snap. Uses his hands well and his explosion off the snap along with his strength, gives him a good bull rush. He is going to be a steal for someone and I hope it is us. Round 4: Ronald Blair DE 6'2" 284 lbs. Another small school DL prospect that could be a steal for us here. Incredibly long arms and has a relentless motor to chase down plays and finish plays. Very good physical tools that I think Quinn and Co. could mold into a valuable piece for our defense. Round 7: Antwione Williams OLB 6'3" 247 lbs. Very physical LB who hits with some power. He might could play MLB and be the enfrocer we are missing.
  19. Have we not learned our lesson yet? I swear I see everyone on here complaining about throwing money at old players and then everyone wants to sign someone like this. Good player, not worth 8 mil
  20. My favorite all time Falcon. Roddy I love you and you bleed Falcons and Atlanta every day. I don't think there will be another like you.
  21. I like it a lot. However, I hate the idea of Braxton Miller in the 2nd or quite frankly before the 4th. Route running is very poor and his only asset to me is speed and elusiveness. That's not enough to be drafted in the 2nd round over someone like will fuller potentially.
  22. Indiana fan here. I was definitely disappointed in Coleman's season for the main reason I know he could have played better. I only remember one fumble from his career, not to say he didn't have maybe 1 or 2 more. Honestly, I feel like Coleman could be the starter next season. Before you go apeshit that I am crazy let me explain my reasoning. With Kyle, we love running to the outside, which fits Coleman a lot better than Freeman, there is a clear distinction between the acceleration and speed of the two. After the multiple games in which Freeman absolutely balled out, he sort of faded away. Maybe this has to do with play call, but what I noticed was the blocking was not as good. I really think his head was spinning. Definitely seemed like he lost confidence after each fumble and became hesitant. It just felt like to me he was sort of lost as a person this year. This is really just me shooting in the dark, but I hope he settles down and becomes a better pro off the field to have success on it.
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