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  1. WOR, please save us the misery and stop with your true facts, I can't take it anymore!
  2. All I can say is, Edy Tavares better be the next ******* Shaquille O'Neal (with good FT shooting)
  3. No matter what, I think it can be agreed upon that we did not have to give the 19th (really 15th) pick for Tim hardaway jr. I think our 59th could have gotten it done....
  4. So CLE gets 31 and 36 for the 24th pick and we got Tim Hardaway Jr for the 19th pick....
  5. I'm hearing we are trading away our 2nd rounders for Tracy McGrady
  6. Maybe we trade Hardaway and Scott for a 1st rounder or something? god **** me
  7. Lol he seems pissed at us
  8. Really another commercial break right after a 1 pick break? Just cause it's the Hawks huh lmao.
  9. Thanks for talking about the Hawks for 30 seconds. Hurry back to cavs talk tho, thanks
  10. Last quarter of the best season in Hawks history. Keep that in mind guys. Thank you Hawks for such a great season
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