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  1. Put down the crack pipe. Are you even from Atlanta? The Train horn is ******* lit.
  2. Why did we hire him? Would you have preferred Todd Bowles or Teryl Austin when they were the "hot" coaches available during that offseason instead? Jesus, this is why I have moved over to Reddit to talk Falcons. So much whining here.
  3. Since when did Pete Carroll pick up General Manager duties?
  4. Who was the smartass Indy media guru here that said it was a done deal? LMAO
  5. Just out of curiousity, who is the 1 small school pick that he got lucky with?
  6. Good God, how many of these threads do we need? OP is a nub.
  7. Ouch DeCoud lost his number to Javier Arenas. LOL
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