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  1. I don't think it's important for Julio Jones to break a record, but it's possible in the process of the game. With Julio a win will be just find.
  2. He never panned out for a second round pick. Plus he couldn't stay out of trouble. Wasted his opportunity for big bucks.
  3. It was definitely pass interference on Jones. But being said that, if the call doesn't go your way --- you have to go on to the next play.
  4. The Falcon doctors say there's no structural damage. If the trainers get the swelling down he'll play Sunday.
  5. I think the screen pass to Julio Jones was well executed. This was Dirk Koetter's emphasis through the week that the offense needs to execute better. But being said that, Matt and Dirk Koetter abandoned the running game especially after Ito got them to the eleven yard line. With first and goal. 43 passes 17 runs is not the balance that Dan Quinn talked about at the inception of the season.
  6. The Falcons got to come out and hit the bully in the mouth. You can't let the Eagles make you one dimensional.
  7. This Falcon offensive line needs to get the run game going. You give Freeman and Ito some space and they can get it done. Also it will help Matt Ryan open up the play action pass and attack their weaknesses on the back end. Execution and poise are the optimum words.
  8. Lindstrom will turn out to be a really good offensive lineman. The more experience he gets under his belt, you'll see positive consistency as the Falcons move forward.
  9. Man looks Brian Hill has gotten faster and lighter. I need to see him in a couple more preseason games. Ollison is in for a run for his money.
  10. I think when the offense is sputtering you can bring in a Green or Ollison as a change of pace. It's going to be hard not to let these two guys help win games for the Falcons.
  11. The Falcons schedule is not easy ,Vikings,Eagles and Colts could be troubling if we don't come out with are a game. 0-3 would not be good.
  12. Some of the players on this team show up every game and don't make plays. I'm sure they know who they are. But I would not sign Harry Douglas to another contract, he's lost some of his speed after his knee injury. He can get you 30 yards but will never take it to the house. Victor Cruz, Wes Welker and Sproles have set the standard for a great slot receiver. Also middle linebacker is a weakness on this team and Nicholas needs to go. He can't cover out in space. Defensive tackle Jerry needs to go-- in the rotation you rarely hear his name. He might get you one sack a year. Also, I would get a bi
  13. Peter Konz is not getting it done. But who can you replace him with? obviously the offensive line is a work in progress. You just hope and pray-- they come together and become a solid group. But from the onset, the play calling had to change in order to accommodate an musical chair offensive line. There's no balance on this team, most of the best players are on offense.
  14. I know injuries are tuff on a team, but some of the Falcons loses can be attributed to mismanagement of the team. Bad play calling and the coaches inability to shut players down. For the life on me ,if Roddy White would have been told to sit four weeks ago. You would have at least one star receiver to help you win a game. Now you play Tampa Bay at home with your two starting wide outs hurt. I don't know if-- I would like to see coach Smith's regime in 2014.
  15. Yes he is, to spend time and money on offense and very little on defense has hurt this team. Also not being able to develop the pass rushers on this team, give Osi no help on the other side. Some of the Falcons weaknesses last year haven't been address.
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