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  1. The Falcons got to come out and hit the bully in the mouth. You can't let the Eagles make you one dimensional.
  2. This Falcon offensive line needs to get the run game going. You give Freeman and Ito some space and they can get it done. Also it will help Matt Ryan open up the play action pass and attack their weaknesses on the back end. Execution and poise are the optimum words.
  3. Lindstrom will turn out to be a really good offensive lineman. The more experience he gets under his belt, you'll see positive consistency as the Falcons move forward.
  4. Man looks Brian Hill has gotten faster and lighter. I need to see him in a couple more preseason games. Ollison is in for a run for his money.
  5. I think when the offense is sputtering you can bring in a Green or Ollison as a change of pace. It's going to be hard not to let these two guys help win games for the Falcons.
  6. The Falcons schedule is not easy ,Vikings,Eagles and Colts could be troubling if we don't come out with are a game. 0-3 would not be good.