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  1. Talk like this always makes me cringe. I'm not necessarily saying you're wrong. I'm just saying I hate the idea of settling for less for a few YEARS with hopes that your favorite team may make it to a championship in 2015 or 2016. What about in the meantime? Frankly, I prefer the "worst to first" type of optimism where you turn it around on a dime. I don't know if the Falcons got it in 'em this year though.
  2. Just wanted to say THANK YOU. Until I read that explanation, I was confused as to why both teams could just have an away game in London. You put the matter to rest. Even numbers can't be divided that way without making the season odd. Well put.
  3. I don't poo-poo it. But it does feel too soon to pronounce that the Falcons are kicking off an 8-game win streak based on them beating the #4 team in the division. Surely that's not unreasonable.
  4. Okay, their top 10 defense aside, the Bucs ARE #4 in the division. It's easy to get excited but I still don't think beating the Bucs is a "statement." At least not to the rest of the NFL. Wouldn't you say?
  5. That's cool. Atlanta gets to export something to Europe, even if it is only for a week. It's good for the Brits to see American football so they'll stop saying rugby is tougher. Yeah, they don't wear pads. But they do NOT hit each other nearly as hard as American football players do. I've watched a rugby match and it was not as impactful.
  6. I love that this was the edited version. I shudder to think what you originally wrote. Jeez. Anyway, I admit I didn't know about the top 10 defense thing. So I'll admit he deserved the player of the week award. But I still want to see if the Falcons can beat a real team and play strong for 4 quarters.
  7. LOL! That almost made me do a spit take.
  8. Not to rain on the parade but it was against the #4 team in the division. I'm not saying he wasn't good. Just saying I'll reserve my "takesy backsies" for when he does it against a tougher team.
  9. I think he can only play if he is given the greenlight from the doctor and coaches. So just because HE feels 100% doesn't mean THEY think he's 100%.
  10. I would predict the Cardinals narrowly... Maybe by 3? But I said that about Tampa Bay an have egg on my face. lol. So we'll see. But my guts still tells me that this is going to be a bad year for the Falcons unless every team they play is as bad as the Bucs.
  11. But every fan eventually reaches a point where they lose hope. That's why stadiums for losing teams are often empty. Just watch the attendance levels at Falcons games if they keep losing.
  12. Maybe this would be a good time to talk about the difference between the words "possible" and "probable."
  13. Fan wise, it would be waaaay more devastating for Falcons fans. Right? Because they probably expect to win more than Bucs fans expect to win. And they'd be more depressed by the loss and wonder if the season really is over. SO I say the Falcons need the win more.
  14. I've never even gotten into a fight before. So... No. :P I was just saying that I'm not surprised by the number of people who are into EVERY Atlanta sports team. I'm new to the area but there ARE a lot of lower middle class types who seem more "obsessed" with everything sports related. I'm not saying that necessarily a bad thing. I'm just saying it's not a surprise.
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