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  1. Calvin Ridley TD being held on deep ball (pass interference by Defender) . Spot Foul. Possibly 3 to 7 points!
  2. Every Team in the NFC South has a speedy fast game breaker at Punt Returner and Kick Returner who puts their team in good field positions Saints - A. Kamara, T. Ginn Jr Panthers - C. McCaffery Buccaneers - D. Jackson WHO is a real-life practical Solution for the Falcons at these positions (KR, PR) since ours has obviously been neglected....?
  3. Give Me A FAST, Dual Threat QB, with a lot of Accuracy (like Deshaun Watson before injury)...or a Russell Wilson or Big Ben Type
  4. OFFENSE ....Please Throw it past the **** sticks on 3rd down! DEFENSE ....and get outta that sorry *** soft zone coverage on 3rd down! Signed "Falcons Fanbase" PS - Inspired By Case Keenum and the Minnesota Vikings PSS - LOL at the Saints
  5. PATRIOTS are going to be smart enough to grab him...or SEAHAWKS!
  6. Sark was hired because of who he knows, NOT because he is qualified! "It's Not What You Know But Who You Know" (the cliche) is only valuable if you have the "What You Know" (the skillset) otherwise... time, energy, efficiency and personnel is just wasted.... As evidenced over and over...this season!
  7. We also had the Toughest Schedule in the League last year!!
  8. I like last year's Team Better (2016). While I don't expect blowouts all the time, I am taking time out of my day to watch PROFESSIONALS play... There's no way I should be able to predict what's going to happen in a football game this consistently... For example, we're up 10 - 0 and are in the Redzone, who's most likely to commit a False Start... Exact same scenario as above (we're up 10 - 0) except we are on Defense and have them penned deep in their territory on 3rd and 17. Who gets called for a Pass Interference... How about when the Defense makes a great stop after Half
  9. I want it in SEA with the "12th Man"... All I keep hearing about is their PrimeTime record and how they are 'unbeatable' in SEA EDIT: ...and it was a PRIMETIME GAME
  10. REVENGE GAME!! This absolutely has to be a statement game and I hope Dan Quinn doesn't let the foot off the gas!!
  11. The Challenge in the league is that the WR/TE are being drafted Taller, Faster & Bigger especially in our Division. Falcons rely on speed, aggression and tackling, not necessarily size & strength on Defense, so the smaller players in man-to-man are gonna get burned a lot and commit (dumb) penalties more often. (such as Alford/Tru/Allen the NYJ game)
  12. If only I had the money or connections to own a Casino...smh Vegas ALWAYS gets EMOTIONAL GAMBLERS or people with Feelings... FYI, the spread OPENED at ATL -7 Point Favorite at all Sportsbooks in Vegas (as you can see on the far left). Basically there is HEAVY MONEY bet (by the public/professional bettors) that the JETS WILL NOT LOSE by MORE than a TD or 2 FGs (6 Points). There is also RAIN forecasted with SSE WIND at 15 mph Basically this a TRAP GAME - That's why it is TRENDING DAILY at the 4 to 5 point spread. So the bettor has to choose between a FG (3 pts) or a TD
  13. This perfectly proves my point...Leadership and Accountability A... Whether the pass was good or not was irrelevant (The outcome was that it did not work - INTERCEPTION) - No blaming or justifying others from your Team Leader (QB) B... Considering the situation, he was over-aggressive. Matt Ryan has a tendency to throw Picks at the absolute worst time. That being said, he also has a lot of comebacks. Those plays going across the middle (slant/post) or running out routes (towards the sideline) seems to get picked off A LOT when it's crunch time. (the defender jumps on it or it's tipp
  14. Does anybody on this Team have any accountability...? How about Matt just say "It was a bad pass or I tried to go for the WIN instead of a FG and we'll do everything at practice this week to prepare for the Patriots to make sure IT doesn't happen again" Thats the ugly part of Leadership, taking responsibility for the outcome, even when it's unfavorable...
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