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  1. In that division RAMS need a good RB...SEA, ARIZ, & SF have some very nasty physical defenses...Gurley is a good pick for them.
  2. Here comes the meltdown!!!!!
  3. The Jets need a QB...MIA, BUF, and NE have good defenses
  4. Falcons trade to 2 for Mariotta, get Eagles this years 1st, 2nd and next years 1st....why else would we move up
  5. We'll get to see how good our pass rush is and also if our tackling has improved when we play the Bucs...I expect or CB to be tested as well
  6. Mel Kiper needs to leave the coke alone
  7. LOL You can clearly hear it in the "echoes"...
  8. We lost our voice screaming "Fire Smitty" for the past couple years...
  9. Smitty's Revenge 2.0...every time we cut someone "nice" something bad happens. (Brian Banks - 4-12 season, Turner - O-line stays injured, Abraham - zero pass rush). The Falcon Filter is a myth