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  1. I've been patient since we won our last superb..... Oh wait we have never won a Super Bowl. I'm used to failure. I'll be just as patient as every other season.
  2. They call it a bold prediction cause it most likely won't happen. But I would scream in happiness if it did.
  3. Any coach with a fire for an attitude to get players to play.
  4. Great news in case Matt goes down.
  5. The crazy thing is 10-6 might not even get you into the playoffs in the NFC this year. That being said I think he keeps his job unless we go 6-10 or worse honestly. We need to not be upset if the falcons miss the playoffs with this stacked NFC. I just want to see major improvement from last year. If we go 9-7 or better I'll be thrilled.
  6. Maybe on defense. One thing the is not being talked about is our receivers. What percent chance is it that roddy and Julio play full seasons? I would say maybe 20% and TE has been downgraded. I like the young talent on D though!
  7. They are but that's why I have them at 6. I think atlanta is somewhere right around 7-9 so not far off.
  8. No way we are top 6 1-Seattle 2- San Fran 3- New Orleans 4- Green Bay 5-Philly 6-Chicago Not hating on our team but we are in rebuild mode.
  9. You can't change in one year. Conservative smittyball is something we gotta deal with til next year.
  10. You all know that even if we get clowney, we are still probably not a superbowl contender with the strength of the NFC right? This kind of move would screw us for next year. Unless you are a team like Denver or New England that have a close window this would be a bad idea.
  11. Agreed. If he does not put up pro bowl numbers right away, t will set this team back and everyone knows it. But people like the bright flashing lights. Boring things like offensive lineman bore people.
  12. Clowney is useless for this team If Matt Ryan is laying on the ground or injured. It's sad but it's true.
  13. No running back will look good with this oline
  14. I'll be the first to eat crow. This is definitely a first but I'm glad.
  15. Everyone needs to remember that this organization never goes crazy in free agency. Let's sit back and watch teams like the bucs and eagles sign all the overated big names(how did that work out for the bucs last year lol). We can fill the holes in the draft and small FA moves.
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