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  1. He's still employed in sure he's not worried.
  2. I kind of agree even if we make the playoffs this defense will get rolled.
  3. We all said bridgwater would look like Tom Brady last night. Not sure why anyone is surprised.
  4. I really feel a win here but be prepared the D is going to make bridgewater look like the next big thing.
  5. Our offense is amazing but with a defense that can't stop a nosebleed it's hard to win
  6. Falcons really should win this Tampa is not very good but we find ways to embarrass ourselves on national tv lol
  7. I hope we either go 10-6 or we go 3-13 none of this 8 or 9 win stuff. I could see blank keeping smith and TD with 8 or 9 wins.
  8. It could happen but I think Tampa and NO will get better as the season goes on. I think ATL and Car will actually get worse as the season goes.
  9. Hahahah all the espn guys saying saints were Super Bowl bound. Everyone mad about the bengals it could be worse.
  10. Falcons D didn't look any worse than the saints D lol can't believe I'm saying this after everyone had them as a top five D.
  11. I'm not as worried about this game as I thought I would be. Our defense isn't great but Sunday showed me that this team has the heart to beat good teams if it's healthy. I think the broncos or Seahawks would be the only two teams that could really tear us apart. Bengals are good though. But if we beat good teams we can prove our talent.
  12. Espn said that saints are still Super Bowl bound. I hope we stay under the radar.
  13. If every saints fan had class like this I would not hate the team so bad.
  14. Which top five college players are coming out next year for us in the draft?
  15. This is a blessing in disguise guys. New GM and Coach next year.
  16. This would never be a discussion if we had a gm that could put a pass rush together. Breese is the one who controls is not the whole saints team. Russing has been a problem for how many years now?
  17. Lol at the poster that said we go 12-4 this year
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