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  1. I think the expectation will be playoffs and no more than that. If we make the playoffs I will be happy cause it will show improvement.
  2. Falcons always replace guys cause we are not good enough for first ballet
  3. Wow it would be great to hear his voice after games instead of mike smiths boring jabber
  4. Saints bucs and panties are out so I'm good with any team winning lol
  5. I'm just so confused. Falcons never find anything that is elite. What is the problem?
  6. SF is a pretty good team but I would be terrified to coach there. It's basically NFC champ game or bust for them or else all of SF is gonna be saying "why did we let harbough go" I wouldn't want that pressure on me. That's why I think teams like Atlanta, Oakland, buffalo, are actually pretty attractive.
  7. Big shocker (sarcasm) people aren't wanting a coach that loses games by himself.
  8. If it's a coach that isn't in the playoffs I believe it can be pretty quick. But obviously if they are in the playoffs it will be a bit still.
  9. We beat the saints twice, get a good draft pick and incompetence will be gone tomorrow from the coaching staff. This was a win for me.
  10. This game wouldn't have mattered if smith didn't blow the Detroit and Cleveland games.
  11. Right cause he's won so many playoff games for us.
  12. And don't forget New Orleans is gonna have serious cap issues coming up so that helps us for the division next season.
  13. No he will wait then smith will be gone. I'm afraid we are gonna be stuck with TD though.
  14. I don't understand why this has to be keep being explained! Smith is in the draft room when no pass rush or online was drafted. He's a damned defensive coach and the defense sucks. What else is there to explain? I'm gonna copy and paste this for every dumb post like this!
  15. I love when smith lovers say that he is doing the best with the talent he has. You all know he sits in the draft room as well right? He's a dam defensive coach and our line is the worst it's ever been!
  16. That wasn't smith keeping them alive that was Julio
  17. Ryan had just as good of stats as Rodgers but espn will be on Rodgers nuts all day tomorrow
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