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  1. He won't everyone here thinks he's a hall of famer.
  2. Imagine if Matt didn't have Julio and freeman.
  3. Whichever QB plays, they will look like a pro bowler this week lol
  4. Honestly, the loss really doesn't bother me we are 5-1. What bothers me is the love from the media for the saints acting like a miracle happened last night and that they are back in the SB hunt now.
  5. Dang panthers opponents are 31% winning. I didn't realize their schedule is easier than ours lol.
  6. We are much better than the saints but I think that will be the game. That will be the Super Bowl for them and will be their most important game of the year.
  7. Great ESPN is gonna be saying saints are Super Bowl bound all day tomorrow lol
  8. Gaurantee he doesn't lose us as many games as smith did lol.
  9. http://saintsreport.com/forums/f2/coaching-prospects-346550/#.VgjcQyNOKJI
  10. Wow I didn't think about this. Saints are gonna get destroyed lol
  11. He's taking notes. Wasn't there a bunch a people saying he would land a coaching job with no problem?
  12. I'm the same age as Dan and I look a lot like him. I listen to T.I. all the time.
  13. He was spotted whispering to Pete Carroll on the last play of the Super Bowl.
  14. Bierman will find a way to whore his way to a starting job. Apparently he's been doing it for a while.
  15. If Quinn can put together a pash rush I think we are closer than people think.
  16. They might recover but Pete has explaining for that idiot call. Friends of mine that don't know football asked me why they didn't run the ball.
  17. I'm happy cause Quinn coached a good game it was Pete that looks like an idiot lol
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