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  1. Cause he's an idiot Cause he's an idiot
  2. Not at all surprised. Didn't even watch the game. Let's get a top draft pick!
  3. Piss on it. This organization is all about sales Arthur blank can't run ****.
  4. That giants team had an amazing pass rush and a QB that could actually complete passes.
  5. Is it possible to bump a thread for a whole year?
  6. Ryan was once compared to Brady and Manning. Then he signed the big contract and here we are with a mediocre QB with the passion of a stick of butter.
  7. No we won't. I know this team. We will win our last 4 games miss the playoffs and get like a 15th pick. Lol
  8. Panthers could be benching players for our games so we might beat them lol
  9. 12-21 colts. Hasselbeck is gonna have a **** of a day.
  10. I love some of the delusion on this board thinking that we beat the panthers.
  11. One thing will happen, Matt hasselbeck is gonna get a great starting gig after he plans us lol.
  12. I don't understand when fans get mad when someone tells the truth. He's spot on. What do you want him to do lie?
  13. I've come to expect no Super Bowl in my lifetime. It just is what it is.
  14. Why would you want a playoff spot? Just to get embarrassed on national tv?
  15. Record doesn't matter this team is terrible against bad opponents and hasn't even played a good team yet.
  16. The way the Falcons make opposing qb look I would start backups against them every week. Rest your starters and you will be fine .
  17. New coaches, new scheme. It's hard to win with so many changes. Next year will be better.
  18. My prediction at the season opener was 9-7 and third in the division and it looks like that should be pretty close.
  19. Falcons are playing bad with no major injuries and a cake schedule. You think it's bad now, wait til December.
  20. 6-2 Doesn't mean jack when you're beating crap teams
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