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  1. No one will get fired. We have to deal with the brilliant TD drafts for a while.
  2. I honestly think a lot of players don't want to play in Atlanta. We bring guys in for interviews and they leave and sign other teams.
  3. Not everyone thinks he's a bum or is terrible. He will never be elite though. He is average at best and remember he's not young anymore his best days could be behind him.
  4. It's going to happen eventually might as well be this year.
  5. Omg I hate this forum. He is not taking a oc job and he is a way better head coach than Dan Quinn and I'm a Quinn fan.
  6. Another osi umenyora but probably more expensive. Get younger not older. Just my opinion.
  7. They have only played two good games this season make the guys play. Don't need them to be any more lazy than they already are.
  8. Looking great just fumbled and probably lost the game lol
  9. From worst team to best team. Good for him. The Falcons are a disease, he will be better off.
  10. The magic and Cubs will win titles before this team.
  11. Yay, another three year build. I'm gonna be dead by the time we make the playoffs again lol.
  12. This organization has made me dislike football. So poorly ran.
  13. Doesn't matter. Top 3 and td will piss the pick down the drain.
  14. Really good point. He is a slightly younger hasselbeck and that's it.
  15. If Ryan can't win with the talent that has been put around him in Atl I'm not worried that he will come back and torch us. He's had probowlers all around him and can't accomplish crap. And don't mention the online, he had a great oline when turner was with us.
  16. Good. He stinks and makes more money than some of the greats.
  17. Long time falcons fan here. I will not be watching. This organization has become a joke.
  18. You wouldn't be able to trade Matt Ryan for a moldy peace of bread let alone a first rounder lol.
  19. this will be like a backyard pickup game for the panthers. I honestly think Newton will sit out some of it. They are on such a different level as this team it's laughable.
  20. It's possible. This game means nothing to them and they may be resting some guys.
  21. This happens in all sports. Guy gets paid for basically doing nothing and never gets to the top cause why would he need to.
  22. Agree. Can't expect a terrible team to turn in all around in one season.
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