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  1. Sadly no one will get fired this year. Same ol Falcons
  2. I wonder of it's really the bone and we are not getting all the info. Very strange.
  3. When mike smith loses he smiles and pats the butts and says "good hard fought game, but we have so e stuff to work on" say what you will about the Ryan's but I would give anything for their heart and soul on this team.
  4. Everyone praises TD cause of his so called success at New England. I bet the janitors at New England are better play callers than half the coaches in the league.
  5. Agreed. Take that draft pick And build up the cheese defense or actually build a legitimate line. We don't need a wr when the season is done anyway
  6. I really like that we get to see Drew. I hope he does well.
  7. People feel so indestructible when they are undefeated. So glad they finally lost. Shows that are of this world. Broncos on the other hand....
  8. Silvoxx


    Que in all the "falcons can still win division threads".
  9. Watch glennon next week. If you need a fantasy qb pick him up.
  10. This post is lame. Of course we would be praising the staff if we were 4-0 because that would mean they did their job and played with heart and out coached opponents. But they didn't so that's why some of us are down on them.
  11. People are going to keep posting these threads every week til we are mathematically ruled out. Lol at least we can't lose this week. Even if we go 9-7 or 10-6 playoffs would still be tough with tiebreakers and another thing saints will be number one seed so we would play them in the dome and we all know how that would turn out. We only need to be embarrassed once there this year. Lol
  12. It's going to be 1-2 years until the front office changes and the rebuild starts. Then however many years for the rebuild to take. It might be 10 years until this franchise sees an NFC championship. I feel so bad for Arthur Blank.
  13. This is the best post I have seen this week. Agree with everything you said.
  14. 9-7 or 10-6 second in the division which I suppose could still happen so I'm really not all that disappointed
  15. His job is to make the team money and trading away a draft for an explosive wr makes money. Think of how many Julio jerseys sell vs. an OL jersey.
  16. I'm sorry to beat a dead horse but of a coach can win at least more than one playoff win with the talent on this team, they are either not trying hard enough or don't care. All the smith lovers will talk about the line but other teams with great coaches deal with bad lines, bad defense, etc. look at the patriots. If smith was coaching them they would be under .500 every year and I don't understand why people don't see it.
  17. Smith will be here next season. He will get a pass even though other teams have done great dispite injuries. makes me sick.
  18. I actually agree. Look at Detroit last year and they are much improved this year. But coaching staff is my big concern. Every team has down years.
  19. Mike smiths job will be safe due to injuries and TD will keep drafting WRs or RBs I'm really worried and hope Blank is smarter than I think he is.
  20. I'm getting a bad gut feeling that TD and smith will not get fired due to injuries and unless they are gone nothing will change. Any thoughts?
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