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  1. 5 hours ago, slickgadawg said:

    Starting strong safety with the potential to be another Kam Chancellor.

    A fast outside linebacker who instantly makes the defense a whole lot faster.

    Possibly the best tight end in the draft, in the 3rd round.

    No. Dimitroff paws is NOT on this. The Falcons have demolished this draft so far. Im loving it.................

    It funny while I was watching, I was thinking that this doesn't feel like a TD draft. I believe Quinn is getting guys he knows he can make great. I was not excited for this draft but I am feeling good about it now.

  2. 54 minutes ago, coastiemike said:

    So if he's good enough to win a SB with Denver, he likely good enough to get us there. Why would you trade a player who is solid in a position for nothing but scraps?  The best defense in the league couldn't get to the SB with Schaub at QB.

    Because this defense is not even on the same playing field as denvers. Matt has had nothing but talent around him his whole career. Aaron Rogers or tom Brady would die to have the talent Matt has had around him and he has nothing to show from it.

  3. Please be honest. Let your homer self stand back. Do you think this team is a contender this upcoming season? I do not, but that's not a bad thing. We are rebuilding and we need to be patient. We are not winning a super bowl this year. Bank it. We will get better through FA. Please remember that when all these guys are flying off the board. Teams rarely go from losing record to super bowl in one year. It sucks but we really need to be patient and let the process work.

    Flame Away! :)


  4. 5 hours ago, .WORzone said:

    Can people make one point about Shanahan without making something up? 

    I mean for crying out loud. Every negative post with his name in it contains some wild accusation with zero factual evidence. 

    How did ole shanny do last year? Oh and what is his record as an OC? Lol


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