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  1. You're gonna be really disappointed come December. I hope you're ready for it.
  2. Lol wait til we lose the first few games of the season. This forum is gonna crash for weeks.
  3. Even Andrew luck would look like crap with shanny calling the plays
  4. You're right Ryan has been so clutch the last few years. Sarcasm
  5. Do other message boards post these kind of threads? I love this team but if you think we are going to be top 4 this year, you are setting yourself up for some serious disappointment. Let's just pray we win 5 games and if we do take it as a win.
  6. Unfortunately, I won't see it it my lifetime. It's really hard to make the championship game and there are a lot of well run teams out there. We will make the playoffs in at least a year or two I believe.
  7. It funny while I was watching, I was thinking that this doesn't feel like a TD draft. I believe Quinn is getting guys he knows he can make great. I was not excited for this draft but I am feeling good about it now.
  8. No way we win in three years. By year four we could be in contention but that's assuming everything goes good. Injuries, drafts, FA. If we have to hire another coach then the rebuilding could restart.
  9. Respect comes from wins on the field. Not losing seasons. Let's see how 2017 goes.
  10. Because this defense is not even on the same playing field as denvers. Matt has had nothing but talent around him his whole career. Aaron Rogers or tom Brady would die to have the talent Matt has had around him and he has nothing to show from it.
  11. Here come the Matt Ryan fan boys saying he will be a hall of famer lol
  12. Schaub would be just as productive as Matt. I would be all for this for the right price but it will never happen, they want a young good QB.
  13. Please be honest. Let your homer self stand back. Do you think this team is a contender this upcoming season? I do not, but that's not a bad thing. We are rebuilding and we need to be patient. We are not winning a super bowl this year. Bank it. We will get better through FA. Please remember that when all these guys are flying off the board. Teams rarely go from losing record to super bowl in one year. It sucks but we really need to be patient and let the process work. Flame Away!
  14. How did ole shanny do last year? Oh and what is his record as an OC? Lol
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