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  1. CAN SOMEONE PLEEEASE PUT A STREAMING LINK TO THE GAME ON THE BOARD. Somebody put the whole game up for those of us that cant get it. Will somebody please be a hero again this week.
  2. NOT ONE TIME.......has ANYONE brought up the fact that our coordinators were interviewing for OTHER coaching positions in the MIDDLE of our playoffs last year. THAT means their not happy!!!!!!! IF your heart isnt in what your doing for a job, you won't be successful! Authur, you have any further thoughts. Would you keep a retail manager that wanted out in the middle of your largest selling weeks of the Fiscal Year??? No!
  3. Best: Harry Douglas has the most of every opportunity Worst: Decoud has pissed away two or three picks at min this year
  4. How Bout did anyone else notice EVERYTHING thrown at Roddy was either dropped or fumbled???
  5. Nolan came down from the field and the D got better. Why does Smitty ALLOW Koetter to sit up there while the offense falls apart???
  6. Move Asante to Safety for Gods sake but he Has to play with the ball in front of him
  7. Other than the TD to Tate and the Flea flicker (which Both shouldve been knocked down) the D kept us in this game. The fact that Ryan can-not convert a 3rd down lead to shorter fields for seattle ooover n' ooover
  8. Hey bank, i was on here many years ago and have some great topic threads...how can i start a topic?
  9. ryan Literally completed half of his completions to RB's. PROBLEM!!!
  10. the problem is we dont run the snelling shovel pass EVEERY time we get inside the 10. it works every time
  11. SJ only had 3 seasons where he ave 20 carries per game. this is ridiculous. just start quizz and snell themrest of the season and cut him
  12. at least van gorder was there to coach our players on the spot
  13. why is it a butterball like turner can play with groin issues all season but a stud like jackson cant get through a phanton hammie??? ive had it. our players are soft and i had **** well see nolan on the sidelines this week
  14. has anyboody looked at ryans rushing attempts vs last year?
  15. fired! if you dont even come down from the the box to put your employees in place when not performing.....then you arent managing jack
  16. Karst that is the classiest thing anyones said. He wont turn his back on us but out of respect we should help him get WHEREVER he wants to go. AND pay half his salary
  17. c,mon peeps. this is the most pressing topic on the page. The guy interviewed for a job during the playoffs last year. Really? REALLY???
  18. ☝ANSWER: because we have FO full of Boss's and Investors. Leaders and Owners would take OWNership and LEAD their team to the desired, controlled outcome through ACCOUNTABILITY! To have 3/4 members of your base secondary be pro-bowlers and be unable to plan man coverage and send pressure shows WHAT??? Anybody??? An inability to assign task and hold employees/players accountable. Have you ever seen Nolan on the sideline to Rally his troops or Lead that team??? Thats because he's not a LEADer.
  19. hes the only DB with a pick that wasnt a deflection. why isnt he playing again?
  20. became a member when vick was drafted. what to do when you cant create a topic?
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