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  1. But honestly I’d be down for any of the three - Fields, Lance or Lawrence.
  2. Exactly why I said Ab is part of the problem. Dude is clueless. Great post
  3. No he’s just riding the coattails of Reid and mahomes 🙄
  4. He is a young hoe. What do you think he does
  5. You know it’s bad when young hoe pulls a groin.
  6. Super bowl debacle is their legacy and absolutely broke this team. **** all the PC BS this team says. It’s absolutely in their head and they’re known as the losers of the nfl and on the wrong side of history. Time to push reset.
  7. I wonder what Vick’s numbers would’ve looked like with Julio jones Calvin Ridley and prime Freeman/coleman
  8. AB is part of the problem if he doesn’t do what’s necessary for this organization to put a winning product on the field.
  9. Ahh good ole Ryan, the ultimate diplomat/yes man/corporate man. Wouldn’t expect anything less.
  10. Yep. It doesn’t get any more cut and dry than that.
  11. Bro please do not put that into the universe- Funny thing is, I could totally see that happening!!! 😅
  12. That’s under the assumption we clean house and Arthur blank actually nuts up and does what’s necessary for the future of this org. Fire the entire FO.
  13. Some of y’all want to pass on potentially the next Russell, lamar, or Mahomes for to keep Ryan for 3-4 more years? Lmfao. if we finish top 2 and we Don’t draft fields or Lawrence I will riot
  14. dumb*** Quinn knew if he kept LaFluer around he would have been fired sooner and replaced with said Mart LaFluer. Gotta be the only reason! Lmao
  15. Blank is part of the problem. He bred a culture of mediocrity. He doesn’t have the wherewithal to do what is necessary for this team to win. He’s too buddy buddy with Gel Boy and McKay. Watch Gel Boy throw Dairy Queen under the bus again and somehow escape his way-past-due firing.
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