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  1. Yeah we already knew this. They could have done so much better. Now we’re stuck for at least 5 years with XFL uniforms. At least they aren’t Rams level bad but that isn’t saying much. Hope for a refresh in 2025..
  2. I like this signing. Any reason he was released by Arizona? He fits that hybrid S/LB mold
  3. Seahawks made an offer to FA RB Devonta freeman... and he declined wanting more money. wow
  4. Imagine trading up for trubiski and passing on Watson & mahomes
  5. These are terrible, thanks rams for making our uniforms look better. Still hate the huge ATL on the front, looks tacky imo. But our uniforms are definitely better than these. Nike honestly is trash. Whoever these designers are need to be fired.
  6. Ok sheep. Keep believing everything your best friend the MSM Keeps tellin ya. Might as well go hide under your bed.
  7. Yup and it’s crazy that we are being censored for spreading factual truth that this was manipulated in a lab! Youtube keeps removing the videos but search “Plandemic” documentary. It’s ******* crazy man.
  8. Go watch the Plandemic documentary on YouTube... that is, if youtube hasn’t already taken it down YET AGAIN.
  9. How about we worry about improving before talking about the Saints’ “decline.”
  10. This would be sick. Hope it’s true
  11. Are we supposed to be excited about this? Lmao
  12. No he will not retire with us. I give Ryan 2 more years on this team tops, unless we’re suddenly back in contention. If we continue to suck the FO will be fired and I fully expect our new hc to take a QB early.
  13. All I would count on is return duties at this point.
  14. We’re being thrown around as potential landing spot for harvin? Thoughts? Could be a solid return option if he is in shape
  15. Yeah like this signing. He isn’t the fastest but is a great red zone threat
  16. People were high on him when he was coming out of UCONN. I wouldn’t mind kicking the tires 6’4 220 safety? Doesn’t hurt
  17. Should’ve worded it better. I meant Julio level size speed. Julio’s just don’t come around often I get that. I meant another big bodied speed wr. Calvin will be WR1 when julio retires. Best find Julio’s replacement in the coming years.
  18. I never said find another Julio. Julio is generational. Just another big bodied speedy wr.
  19. Correct, I just think that when julio retires we most deifntoly will need to find another freak WR... 6’3” 230lbs with 4.3-4.5 speed. Just to avoid Ridley being a “decoy”
  20. No I’m not but okay. Just saying not sure Ridley alone in the answer once Julio retires.
  21. I think Ridley is solid. Don’t get me wrong. I just would like to see what he can do against consistent double teams before I dub him the WR1 of the future. Like you said we will always want to have that Julio level talent on the other side. Finding it is a diff story but I think we will find another freak WR in the coming years
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