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  1. Henderson at 16 >>>
  2. Where on Instagram?
  3. Almost to April boys! Hopefully they drop them earlier rather than later
  4. I work for a large safety / PPE company and let me tell you, the shortage is real. They’re currently on backorder until August. Same with sanitizer. 3M and other manufacturers are supposedly amping up their production so hopefully more will be available soon.
  5. Just wish they would drop them already.
  6. You know how I know you’re a moron? You added an “S” to his last name. You’re probably the same person who has their windshield wipers on full speed when it’s drizzling outside. Dumbazz
  7. They need to just drop the **** uniforms. We’re all stuck in quarantine
  8. Imagine takin Dobbins in the 2nd with to split carries with Gurley let the fireworks begin
  9. Compared to last year’s offseason, it’s night and day difference.
  10. Wouldn’t surprise me at this rate if we trade up for Simmons, Okudah, or Brown. Depending on the cost, I would be down
  11. I am definitely loving these moves so far. Trimming the fat (trufant, Freeman, beasley, etc) and bringing in Fowler and Gurley. Fowler won’t solve our pass rush woes alone but we can’t say TD isn’t trying anymore. Same with Gurley- love the signing as it is low risk high reward. At this point this offseason has been very solid imo and I applaud TD and co for making hard decisions and swinging for the fences on these signings. We can’t say he isn’t trying. At this point, I could see us moving up in the draft for Okudah, Brown, or Simmons and quite frankly I wouldn’t be upset about that. Solid job FO, solid job. Looking forward to this year!
  12. I agree! This offseason shifted my view of TD. I gave him a lot of **** which was warranted, but you can’t deny he isn’t swinging for the fences this year. Cut all the fat, and brought in some nice pieces.
  13. might as well grab all former Rams at this point... Fowler, Gurley, and Clay
  14. We could sign Gurley then draft Akers in the 4th