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  1. Yeah if that happens instantly Ryan is the worst QB in the division. Yikes.
  2. Falls into the falcons lap at #4* you have to take Fields or Wilson. BPA BPA BPA which is what TF is all about.
  3. We’re taking a QB at four. It’ll be either Wilson or Fields. Possibly lance. Book it.
  4. Never really knew what the infatuation with Allen was. He was JAG glad he’s gone
  5. This. We have no one outside of Grady. We signed Fowler to a 3 year deal. Maybe he comes on this season with more 3-4 looks in Pees’ defense, but I wouldn’t put all our eggs in one basket. We’ve signed far worse than Von Miller. Low risk, high reward.
  6. I was wondering the same thing.
  7. And how do you know what happened is true? He could have been set up... there is no tangible evidence that those texts are legit.
  8. Broncos expected to decline his 2021 option making him a free agent. Bring him home TF
  9. This post just proves Ryan has to have an elite supporting cast to even stand a chance of winning. Ryan needs the perfect surrounding otherwise he’s just merely average. Call a spade a spade
  10. When 2013 concepts are better than our new uniforms.
  11. Your favorite word is “agenda” and it’s sad
  12. Because you can totally tell the future. What we can tell is Ryan is decline and is grossly overrated/paid. There will be a time Ryan will no longer be the QB here. Y’all MFs act like there’s no life past your golden boy Matty Melt jeez
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