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  1. That’s why you move Ryan if we are in position for Lawrence.
  2. Lol
  3. If we are bottom feeders again next season I see us being in position to take Fields or Lawrence and we will be hiring someone like Lincoln Riley for HC. Would usher is a new-era of Falcons football that will actually be exciting to watch again. Ryan will not be with this team in his 40s.
  4. Open your eyes folks - Ryan is indeed replaceable. Y'all act like he's irreplaceable or something - news flash - Ryan is getting older and older. If we flop again this year we need to clean house - i.e. FIRE TD AND QUINN and draft Ryan's replacement no later than 2 years from now. If we flop again, the only way is up since we would have had to have sucked yet again.
  5. I love how everyone here acts like Matt Ryan is irreplaceable or something. Open your eyes - RYAN is REPLACEABLE. Clean house if we flop again this year - Fire Quinn AND TD, then draft Ryan's replacement within the next 2 years.
  6. Let em keep sipping that Kool aid
  7. Fields or Lawrence with Riley at HC would be a great new era for Atlanta Falcons football.
  8. Fields or Lawrence would be a great combo with Riley as HC.
  9. Ryan is only getting older. We need to draft his replacement. Someone who can actually be mobile since our OL is like Swiss cheese. Ryan being a statue can never get the ball out quick enough. Plus Quinn and hopefully TD are good as gone if we flop again. Bring in Riley. Make it happen AB.
  10. If we flop again this year and miss the playoffs it’s time to clean house. Hire Lincoln Riley and draft one of either Tua, Fields, or Lawrence in the next two years to replace Ryan.
  11. Anything to keep Trash Sambrailo off the field.
  12. Lmao the TD Lovers will be out in full force to defend Sambrailo as the best thing since sliced bread even when we all know he is a scrub.