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  1. The koetter hire reeks of McKay and his love affair with tampon bay castoffs. Not sure anything will actually change until this team is either A) sold or B ) McKay is fired. Neither of which are likely to happen
  2. Don’t worry, once we’re mathematically eliminated we will go on a winning streak to carry the “momentum” into next season so all the homers can feel all warm and fuzzy inside cuz the team didn’t “lay over” and “fought hard”.
  3. I should’ve known better, Matt’s untouchable round these parts lol
  4. Admit Ryan is washed and played like ****. I know you can do it. Dig deep!
  5. Guess it’s too much for you to wrap your small mind around that we you know, expect that $100mm “future HOF’r” to, you know, sometimes put the team on his back and you know, win the game for us - you know? Nah can’t be that, it’s always the OL, receivers, OC in the booth... always there fault. Never the golden boys’ fault. You know?
  6. A QB who can escape pressure and extend plays would have given us a better chance than a statue back there. There’s your Barney style explanation
  7. Didn’t Matt publicly endorse signing Koetter?
  8. A mobile QB can at least escape pressure or extend the play. Didn’t know I had to break it down Barney style for you
  9. Matty Melt sacked 8 times and 2 picks. But it isn’t his fault, nothing is ever Ryan’s fault /s
  10. JTD lookin good, and these uniforms are so clean
  11. Yeah let’s just lump all other “mobile QBs” in the pile with Taysom Hill. Such a lazy take.
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