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  1. I'm beyond excited for our whole defense in general but Jones is quickly becoming one of my favorites.
  2. Did you hear that Matt Ryan won MVP!
  3. this **** died 4 weeks ago
  4. The league is sleeping on our defense. I expect a big leap this year
  5. **** can football get here already?! Rockys game elevated to a new level for sure. Tru and Collins on the outside with Rocky in the slot. Boom
  6. Remember when we trotted out Joplo Barth and Paul Worrilow... ahh such a distant memory at this point. Our LB corps is about to be insane. Duke is about to take the LB corps over the top. As LSU Dad or whatever his name said in that viral video - that's the LB we needed!
  7. Thanks y'all!
  8. The big 2-7 haha. What makes it extra sweet is that my girl got me a Deion Jones jersey!
  9. Like the idea of more no huddle... let the reigning MVP do his thing.
  10. Even if Ryan and Co take a proverbial "step back" next season as it is statistically impropable that type of performance is repeated (it was historic for a reason), I'm not worried because I expect a huge leap from our defense. Our defensive improvement will make up for any "regression" from the O.
  11. Cowboys played literally no one last year. Their entire defense is Sean Lee. If Dak and Zeke have sophomore slumps, Cowboys fans are in for a long season
  12. And we will finish the job this time