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  1. Fromm Fields or Tua. In 3-5 years time will be the perfect time to replace Ryan.
  2. But they didn’t so it doesn’t matter.
  3. There’s a difference between wanting Sark fired, and believing Sark would be fired. I wanted Sark fired but always knew he would be back. I hope he proves us all wrong next year cuz I would hate to waste yet another year of our stars’ primes.
  4. Yes. Keanu and Grady with honorable mention.
  5. I liked Robinson more as a G anyways. He was a road grader at AU. He was miscast as a T. Didn’t the Rams switch him to guard and he still got cut, or no?
  6. Thoughts about billy price Ohio state guard?
  7. I can’t argue with any of this.
  8. What OG would be a good fit for us in FA (if any available I haven’t looked) and what draft prospects could work in our ZBS? I think we need a FA vet signing as well as a early round draft pick invested in interior OL. It will do wonders for this offense, the run game will benefit and Ryan will actually have time.
  9. Classless loser. Makes me hate him that much more.
  10. KOG

    I meant trading back in the first. I should have clarified.
  11. TG coming back for his senior season.
  12. I want a logical argument from you stating why everything except number two is a “butthurt rambling”. Please, entertain me... because you can’t logically argue any of these points. They’re all facts.