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  1. THANK YOU RAM NATION!!!!! The Rams will forever hold a special place in Falcons Fans’ hearts simply for the fact they took down the dirty swamp rats and saved MBS from the onslaught for Taint fans. FTS!!!
  2. Hahahahaha KARMA IS A ***** ain’t it Taint boy!
  3. You must not know the true meaning of rivalry between us and the saints. You claim to be so high and mighty and that you’ve been a falcons fan since 1970 but you could care less if the Stains won their 2nd in our house. Shame on you for claiming to be a “falcons fan”
  4. Our identity is being just good enough to dupe the fans into believing that we have a shot (across all major Atlanta sports) only to blow it in the worst possible fashion. See 28-3, blown UGA lead against Alabama in National Championship, losing again to Alabama in SECCG. First round playoff exits or losing in the conference championship for the hawks a few years back, Braves first round exits. I can go on and on. Atlanta United gave us a championship but I’m gonna be completely honest - who really gives a flip about Atlanta United over the Falcons? Survey the state of Georgia asking if they would rather have the falcons win the SB or Atlanta united win the cup and see what the results are. 99% would prefer a SB ring. Our identity is choking and tormenting fans until proven otherwise.
  5. Fly eagles fly
  6. This would be the most boring show ever.
  7. I really hope they lose but it would not surprise me one bit if they win the whole thing in our stadium
  8. Not happening cuz we won when it didn’t matter.
  9. Yeah and on 92.9 they reported DQ said that Matt had basically no input in who next OC would be. It’s basically just a lazy hire cuz there’s “familiarity” between Koetter & Ryan I guess. This notion that Matt pulled so hard to get Koetter here is hogwash. Lol
  10. Great hires for them. Meanwhile we’re left with their scraps who were originally our scraps which is basically sloppy 3rds?
  11. And bubble screens. Dont forget the screens that are Koetters version of the run game.
  12. We really re-hired Koetter to be OC, and even brought along Mularky. Might as well bring back Mike Smith while we’re at it! Terribly lazy hires and less than insiring. Is TD ever gonna get the axe or what?!
  13. Not really at all. Ryan’s replacement should drafted in next 3-5 years.
  14. Shut up. Deion Jones hasn’t been here over a decade. Use your dayum brain.