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  1. Yeah, I assumed that's what you were referring to. Even at the worst, I wouldn't count on more than low 50s. The Saints have never scored more than 52 under Payton (or at any point in franchise history, for that matter) except for the 62-7 game against the Colts in 2011. That should've only been 55 anyway since the last TD came on a ~40 yard pick 6. The Saints have had 45+ points with almost the entire 4th quarter left or even been in the 3rd quarter on a few occasions and SP always takes the air out of the ball and goes full Jim Mora 1980s with predictable runs just to bleed the clock and end
  2. Praying for y'all. I hope everything is back to normal asap and that things go as smoothly as possible in the meantime.
  3. It only takes 15 plane crashes and then they're right in the drivers' seat.
  4. Dumbest move DQ ever did was trying to sell those garbage burgers and fries when most people just go there for Blizzards anyway.
  5. I've got a **** good feeling that the team that joined the league in '66 will win.
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