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  1. Lol you're still defending Carr's "career year"? That's just sad man. How many TDs, ints, and pass yards did he have?
  2. His "career" year wasn't even good enough to save his job.
  3. That was the year after the draft in which they selected Mario Williams. In 2005 Carr led them to a 2-14 record and had like 14 touchdowns and 11 interceptions in his 4th year in the league. There were rumors about the texans selecting Vince young. Anyways they obviously needed a quarterback after the 2006 season too because they traded for Schaub right after it.. Please stop. You're embarrassing yourself.
  4. Yea, you're right, they would've been much better off with Matt leinart, Vince young, or cutler.
  5. What happened when they drafted a QB number 1? Mario Williams was a beast for them.
  6. They can always trade back up for a qb that drops, or grab a guy at the top of the 2nd. Clowney is a once in a decade type of talent. The texans know this.
  7. Haha I work at the dorm Cam stayed at here at UF. Football players get away with everything here and I'm a big reason why lol. I was doing fire safety checks with a co worker and she said, "does it smell like weed in here", I replied ,"nah trick lets keep it movin". Btw Fred Taylor's son is gonna break the **** out this year! He's gonna be a beast in the league.
  8. Ehh if Glennon and bobby Rainey put up 40 against the Falcons, then JF and Doug Martin could easily put up 50.
  9. Oh no you have pro bowl caliber players!! Yea.. Every team does.
  10. I wonder how much money TD will throw his way.
  11. Your team sucks *** besides Matt and Julio. Your o-line is ****, your defense sucks, who the **** is gonna play fs? Sjax is like 32 now and who the **** is gonna replace tony? Let me guess what your comeback is gonna be.. "Ugh.. Josh mccown is your quarterback".. Guess what? He had a better year than your precious Matt Ryan. Plus, we have a strong o-line, a great all purpose running back who doesn't drop game winning catches, and a great receiver in Vincent Jackson who they'll prob pair up with mike Evans.. Hmm sounds a lot like the offense mccown played so well in last year. Oh yea and your c
  12. Lewan or Matthews, who will be the pick? I've been saying Lewan for a few months now.
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