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  1. Best coach we ever had, be a good thing to carve out his heart and nail him to a fkng cross......brilliant.
  2. They have actually played with a decent degree of intensity considering what they are up against, the talent on the field is just not up to snuff. Are you forgetting we are fronting 3 UDFAs as starters, 2 rookie CBs, and multiple 2nd line players across the board ? And our QB is slumping because of it ? WTF do you expect actually, no one has really quit, they just kind of suck right now, I see alot of problems but I have seen no quit. With the possible exception of DeCunt........
  3. Looking like a tool is what he does best. I suppose we should just forfeit next week to the righteous, almighty TB Sucs........
  4. No OP, not really but he's just in a slump, the board acts like it is a permanent condition though, when it is not. These are mfkers that would " cut " him and start DD, I mean the mentality of this place is beyond belief, no wonder everyone has bailed on this board it is just getting weirder and crazier every day as if that was possible....
  5. Well good for you brah, better to be pizzed off than to be pizzed on I suppose, great thread by the way.
  6. Yes, the Sucs are gods man we got no fkng chance to beat these monsters, zero.....ya'll a fkng trip.
  7. Davis fkng sux, we are gonna have to find a real backup at some point, we should have kept McCown IMO.
  8. Yea, so we are totally incapable of beating them again, noted, gotcha.
  9. You should be happy. We actually beat these guys LMFAO.
  10. Hes a fkng rookie center for god sakes since he spent last year at G . How many ROOKIE centers come in and dominate first year ? Geezus Kriest you mfkers are quick to judgement.
  11. I hear you, as I see Dechit, DE and RT as still being holes as well, but I think we can get enough studs with this high draft order and big FA $s to put us right back in the division and playoff race PROVIDED we maintain a better degree of health in 2014.
  12. Matthews or Lewan be fine by me. Get one of those guys, get Gabe Jackson round 2, go balls to the wall for BJ Raji in FA, and send Sackmaker packing. We got to get a real O line around Ryan or we are playing with fire. We got the cap to redo Julios deal and sign Raji and another decent defensive FA. Get a stud 4th round RB. We can do this fellas ....
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