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  1. I have done nothing except express my opinion as to a resolution of a problem. There is nothing illegal about what I have said. I'm talking about our government dropping a nuclear bomb on nations of Islam. Stop being so sensitive.
  2. If the ***** can spread her legs she shouldn't be allowed to undo what has been done.
  3. Nope. Sure does not. My religion teaches you to love even those who are your enemies. I am the same religion as Mono, however I am slightly more psychotic and not the best example
  4. Pro life with exceptions to the rule of course. Answer to question. Of course.
  5. Is there any other religion that advocates the murdering of innocent people of other religions. Is there any other religious group that uses children as weapons. Is there another religion that considers it honorable for men to murder their sisters,wives or daughters for certain transgressions.is there another religion that advocates the stoning of women to death who are rape victims. Or mutilating little girls genitals. Should we continue to pretend like this isn't normal behavior within the Islamic religion. Or should we be realistic and confront the problem that grows stronger. I say elimina
  6. It's just so hilarious that most of you children support the more strict gun laws(which by the way don't do squat for la breakers) yet you are ok with what is going on over there. It's hilarious. Disarm America! Let's let Iran build a nuke, it's ok, it's their right to do so. Brain washed and backwards thinking folks around here.
  7. Seriously though, why don't you go over there, introduce yourself as a peaceful American looking to sight see and see what happens.
  8. You? I don't know. Probably one of king Solomon's demons that you try to summon up. Maybe Bael.
  9. Now we're getting somewhere. Sharpen up now folks. If a man wishes to kill you at all costs, what must you do? Certainly not try to bargain with him.
  10. There will be no editing of anything. I stand by that statement. It is a religion or hate, intolerance, and murder without discrimination. I say there is no place for people like that in this world. If they wish to remove all "others" from this world, we should consider them an enemy in which war is the only resolution. Eliminate all nations of Islam. That is the only solution to the ever growing problem presented by these hate mongers.
  11. I would hope not. It isn't a direct attack on any one individual who is a member of the forum.
  12. If you would like to continue posting on the AFMB keep your genocidal rhetoric to yourselves.
  13. What's disgusting is the fact that some of you people think that you have to be so politically correct that you can't relay how attractive you think a woman is on an internet message board. you're a lier if you say you don't judge someone and rate their attractiveness the first time you meet them. It's natural and everyone does it.
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