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  1. Hey duff. How's it going for you this fine morning?
  2. Lol, I know right. They played their hearts out in that Final Panthers game. It looked just like every other playoff type game that Smith coached in. Tight, conservative, Flustered. It was too big for Mike Smith. He didn't have the poise it takes. Dan Quinn has the it factor that Smith could only dream of.
  3. Im sure you have a good suspicion by now who oldskooler is.
  4. Quite noob. No one wants to hear your peanut gallery comments.
  5. Your lack of maturity shines bright. There is a humongous difference between insulting someone's parenting skills and insulting an NFL coach who is in the spot light. Surely you can't be that ignorant.
  6. You should not talk ill of other peoples children. It's speaks volumes of your lack of any couth. There are certain things to be left alone you ignorant ****.
  7. Exactly. Like I said, at the end of the day I'll pat you on the head and say good boy like I do my children. If it makes you feel better, you can think of me as an intellectually challenged pink rhino. Imagination is a wonderful thing.
  8. Pipe down noob. You know not.
  9. If it makes you feel warm and fluffy, I encourage you to think whatever way you'd like.
  10. Smith had not lost the team??? How do any of us know that. Judging by the team record over the past few years, not only did he lose the team but he lost his mind, lost his direction, lost whatever small ability he had to coach. What is with you people. You're attempt at a backhanded insult means nothing. I could care less what anyone on this message board thinks of me or my opinion. I will not be swayed . You are sooooo right about my brash attitude, I have a small pecker which hides behind it. How in the world did you ever figure that out.
  11. How long till you get banned do you think?
  12. Mike smith is not the greatest coach that atlanta has ever had. He was fortunate enough to have Matt Ryan drag his sorry *** to wins at the last second time and time again. This team probably would have won a Super Bowl if a competent leader had been here to not squander the opportunity repeatedly. I could give a **** about respect for Mike Smith. He's a stuttering, babbling, mindless bafoon. Good riddance to his sorry ***.
  13. You stupid *************. A man who performs his job well rarely gets fired. You stupid *** nut nuggets would still be chirping to keep Smith even if we had another 4 win season with him at the helm this year. I love how you stupid ****s try to use deviations from the norm to rationalize your thought processing.
  14. Yes, it is fair to point out all aspects of him as a coach. You fellows are trying to make it out like he's the greatest thing to ever happen to Atlanta. He was a hinderance of winning the Super Bowl. A loser. Unable to change his conservative approach to everything he did.