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  1. We already have him a offensively challenged big man. Biyumbo.
  2. Yes in Atlanta it does. Now go make my money.
  3. Love the rebounding love the draft love the 15 mil in FA money we have. Can't wait for the season. Can't wait to get my 3 jerseys in August.
  4. This is a official ***** move. I love it when people get caught lying and then take their ball and go home. Lol I said it 3 years ago this dude was a *****. Lol
  5. Neither job hires ******. So I guess you're out of luck as well.
  6. Job corp might work for him as well but he has to want to change his situation.
  7. I keep putting Army brochures on his pillows. But he hasn't yet gotten the message.
  8. She is one of those women that can't let go of her baby. But I'm getting sick and tired of watching him eat all the food in the fridge and leaving the lights on all night because (he's afraid of the dark) and not putting 1 penny on the grocery or electric bill. **** even the dog has a job guarding the house earning it's room and board. This dude still doesn't wash his own clothes.
  9. Well if we are going to judge QB by team stats (W-L). Then Ryan wasn't a good leader last year and should take the blame for your 4-12 record. You can't have it both ways. Blame Cam and question his leadership in his rookie and Sophomore season. But blame everybody else but Ryan and his leadership for last year.
  10. When did that happen?? I know you're going to say the Giant game 2 years ago. But when you pull up the tape and see he said "I need to do better and we need to do better". You will see how your basis made you miss that he was blaming himself as well as the team.
  11. Dude I'm re-checking your ranking and scoring offense is looking like you can't read basic ranking. Examples 2010 you weren't the 5th ranked scoring attack. And.... 2011 you weren't 7th. So giving you the benefit of doubt. Seem like a mistake by me.
  12. So he didn't put up a lot of points and he didn't put up a lot of yards but he gets all the credit for wins??? Okay. ... lets just agree to disagree
  13. You keep screwing yourself then. Because Ryan wasn't putting up 4,000 yard passing season until his 4th year. So again how was he setting his team up (for not to many scores) when he wasn't throwing a lot of yards?? At some point you will have to notice you're making a lot false statements based off nothing. .. The stats aren't agreeing with your opinion JR.
  14. Your QB avg. 26 TD a year and his highest ranking offense was 5th just like Cam. You're the one who says he outscores other high powered teams. Like he's Aaron Rodgers. Again we can both agree that Ryan has had better weapons then Cam. I also notice most of your teams best offenses outputs go with a lot of big season from Turner. Also love how you think you've burn somebody by having a AVg. offense not the greatest show on turf like you boasted in your early post.
  15. How many people outside of GA even thinks that? I'm pretty sure some in GA don't think that.
  16. Exactly we don't have the oline or the weapons to help a stand still QB. We don't have elite WR to help a stand still QB.Our weapons and system needs a QB who can make big plays himself when needed. So Ryan in Carolina will have little to no success. And the intelligence part is your basis. How does a person learn 4 different scheme in 5 years like Cam did and have no intelligence? ? Cam went from Blinn (Championship) to Auburn (National Championship) to Panthers Chud's system (rookie of the year best QB rookie season ever) to Shula (NFC south champions). Let's also not act like Mularky or Kurk are Bill Walsh.
  17. I love how some of you think your staute of a QB could run our read option system. I see so much football knowledge here.
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