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  1. Yes he was and that's another example of how this list is just a popularity contest and not ranking the top 100.
  2. I stopped paying attention to the top 100 ever since JJ Watt was in and he only played 3 games that year.
  3. My screen name says it for me Julio and Deion Jones
  4. #40 Ryan Neal
  5. I work in Fairfax but live in Fredericksburg
  6. Don't care. I wont read or buy it.
  7. All i read was blah blah blah. Pass rusher was/is a bigger need. Does that sum it up for ya?
  8. I like Gurley BUT I don't think with his injury he's a 1st rd'er. defense is more important than anything else
  9. Faith is daring the soul to believe what the eyes cannot see