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  1. Yes he was and that's another example of how this list is just a popularity contest and not ranking the top 100.
  2. I stopped paying attention to the top 100 ever since JJ Watt was in and he only played 3 games that year.
  3. My screen name says it for me Julio and Deion Jones
  4. #40 Ryan Neal
  5. I work in Fairfax but live in Fredericksburg
  6. Who cares cause I sure don't.
  7. I'll be going with a co-worker and he's a redskin fan.
  8. I call b.s, injuries had nothing to do with knowing how to tackle. Poor scheming/game planning, back-up players and we still had a chance to win. If only these grown men remembered how to tackle.
  9. Matt Ryan only had the highest passer rating EVER (148.7) in a loss and the offense scores 37 points, but let's call him out.? I only played up to varsity football. I'm not as knowledgeable as a lot of you guys. But like my high school coach drilled into us. If the offense scores 24 points and we lose. They did their jobs and the defense didn't do theirs. Coach Manuel did a horrible job coaching/game planning and the defense didn't help him out either missing tackles. You are taught in little league how to properly tackle. There is no excuse for grown men who are playing at the highest level not knowing how to properly tackle.
  10. I work at Covanta in Fairfax.
  11. What part of northern Va do you live? I live in Fredericksburg.
  12. When has Brady played with a crap oline!? I don't know a qb that can play with a crappy oline.
  13. Don't care. I wont read or buy it.
  14. All i read was blah blah blah. Pass rusher was/is a bigger need. Does that sum it up for ya?
  15. I like Gurley BUT I don't think with his injury he's a 1st rd'er. defense is more important than anything else