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    MikeSmithsNotepad got a reaction from Charles Wright in Would you be satisfied if next Falcons QB only wins 4 playoff games in 11 seasons   
    Soooo many excuses for our own Matt Ryan
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    MikeSmithsNotepad reacted to falcon1fan in Falcons Franchise need to get with the times.   
    Lamar is not Michael Vick. Yes he can run,  but he is a QB. I live in Louisville I've watched him since college the dude is legit. He can't help the plays that are called, but he will beat you with his arm. The running aspect is just another dynamic.
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    MikeSmithsNotepad reacted to Refried Beans in Falcons Franchise need to get with the times.   
    Its about to be 2020 not 2009. We need to quit wasting years with old predictable offenses and quit chasing 2012. Rodgers has a new young OC and head coach and the Packers are 9-3. We need to get with the times. . Our scheme is old and dated that is problem we are having with Koetter/Knapp right now. This is why we lose, the franchise has forgotten simple business principles, adapt or die. Other teams are on iphone 11  and we are still carrying around Blackberries. Look at all the winning teams right now they all have YOUNG OCs, Execs, coaches etc....not dinosaurs. McVeigh, KS, LaFleur, Greg Roman, Tim Kelly, Brian Schottenheimer, Ed Dodds.  ALL these dudes are YOUNG. McCarthy, Knapp, Koetter, McKay, Mularkey, ALL these dudes are has beens, we need to get with the times. There is nothing of value being brought to the table with Falcons current group of Execs and coaches, franchise is old, decrpit, and dated we need fresh new blood in the front office, team president, head coach, oc, dc, even in the players. We need a new young head coach with a OC mentality and if Ryan cant pick it up then so be it, we are putting this franchise back 5 to 7 years trying to hire a OC that fits Ryan. To heck with that. One player doesnt make a team. You gotta look out for the whole team and the franchise. We brought back a OC that Ryan was familiar with but had NONE of the personell to run that type of dated offense. We brought back the Backstreet Boys because Ryan liked it. Quit punishing your fan base trying to make Dan Fouts Tom Brady. At a certain point you have to call it like it is and say the dude may be really good but he may not be great. I mean Rodgers took GB to the play-offs several years with terrible O-lines, and I am pretty sure Brady hasnt ALWAYS had the best line. So we need to bite the bullet and hire for the future of the FRANCHISE not Matt Ryan. Ryan has had his chances. Quit making the same mistakes and get with the times Blank. 
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    MikeSmithsNotepad got a reaction from Bunchy Carter in Shooting At Ame Church In Charleston Sc, Multiple Fatalities   
    First of all RIP to the victims.
    Al Sharpton just stays on people's minds 24/7. I saw plenty of people online not even say RIP to the victims but they are just more concerned with Al and Jesse showing up. 10 people were shot during bible study and their first and foremost thought is "that **** Al he is gonna MAKE it racial"
    I mean the guy said "im here to kill black people" its already racial! Its so much easier to focus on AL and Jesse rather than the root of the problem. Nobody wants to address the roots, just the branches. See what the root is, and when u kill the root the whole tree dies. Its so much easier to deflect though.
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    MikeSmithsNotepad reacted to biloxifalcon in Shooting At Ame Church In Charleston Sc, Multiple Fatalities   
    Fox News Twists Itself In Knots To Find An Explanation Other Than Racism For Charleston ShootingAnalysts on Fox News floated the theory on Thursday that the shooting massacre at a historically black church in Charleston, South Carolina, on Wednesday night was motivated by religious animosity toward Christians, rather than by racism. Host Steve Doocy suggested on "Fox & Friends" that religion was the likely motivation. "Extraordinarily, they called it a hate crime," Doocy said in an interview with a pastor Thursday morning. "And some look at it as, well, it's because it was a white guy, apparently, and a black church. But you made a great point just a moment ago about the hostility toward Christians, and it was in a church, so maybe that's what it was about." Doocy's co-host, Brian Kilmeade, also tried to cast doubt on the idea that the gunman, whom authorities believe to be 21-year-old Dylann Storm Roof, was motivated by race, asking a guest, "Is it a church that has white congregants as well as black?" Early Thursday morning, Fox News host Heather Childers acknowledged that officials are treating the shooting as a hate crime, but wondered, "Could the shooter have been motivated by pure hatred for religion?" The Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division, the FBI and the U.S. Attorney's office plan to participate in a hate crime investigation of the attack. White supremacists who convened on the neo-Nazi site Stormfront.org voiced similarly aspirational speculation, suggesting that the shooting's location might indicate anti-Christian violence. They also expressed worries that if the shooting did turn out to be an act of racism, the white nationalist movement would suffer. It's understandable that actual, outspoken white supremacists would need to believe that the killer was not one of their own. But the gymnastics that Fox commentators engaged in to find some other motive is disconcerting. Why were they so afraid the attack might prove to be racially motivated? Roof, the alleged killer, is known to have sported the flags of the white supremacist Rhodesian and apartheid-era South African governments. He also reportedly said during the attack that he was there "to shoot black people." "You rape our women and are taking over our country and you have to go," Roof told his victims, according to a witness. Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, where the shooting took place, is a historic black church, founded in the early 1800s. Presidential candidate Rick Santorum offered his own thoughts on New York's AM 970. "It’s obviously a crime of hate. Again, we don’t know the rationale, but what other rationale could there be?" Santorum said. "You talk about the importance of prayer in this time and we’re now seeing assaults on our religious liberty we’ve never seen before. It’s a time for deeper reflection beyond this horrible situation." President Barack Obama spoke on Thursday about the tragedy, making clear that he had no doubt that racist hatred motivated the shooting, just as it has so many times throughout history. "The fact that this took place in a black church obviously also raises questions about a dark part of our history," said Obama. "This is not the first time that black churches have been attacked, and we know that hatred across races and faiths pose a particular threat to our democracy and our ideals." The president invoked Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s words nearly 52 years ago, the day after four young black girls were killed in the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. "They say to each of us, black and white alike, that we must substitute courage for caution," quoted Obama. "They say to us that we must be concerned not merely about who murdered them, but about the system, the way of life, the philosophy which produced the murderers. Their death says to us that we must work passionately and unrelentingly for the realization of the American dream."
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    MikeSmithsNotepad reacted to Francis York Morgan in Mark Brunell's 1St And 2Nd Tier Quarterbacks   
    Jsid, you're emotionally invested in this. It's seriously just an opinion. A lot of people don't think Ryan is top 10. There is no "wrong" about saying Ryan isn't a top 10 QB. I don't think Brady is a top 5 QB and I think Russell Wilson is. Am I wrong or is that an opinion? It's an opinion. My opinion on Ryan fluctuates but I get hesitant to even throw a "I think he's somewhere around 8-12" out there because it's just a number. I like him, I think we can win a Super Bowl with him, I've grown to really like watching him play and I'll back him every step of the way, singing his praises when he does well and criticizing when he blows games. Isn't that enough? KOG likes Ryan a ton more than he used to, saying his opinion is wrong just isn't going to accomplish anything. Just try to be accepting of non-trolling opinions.
    EDIT: My bad, it looks like KOG said the emotional interest thing right as I did. Not trying to dogpile you, hope it doesn't feel like that.
    Canderous was so interesting. At first I kinda blew him off as just another "bad dude," but I kept talking to him, and the depth in his story arc was nuts. Especially the bit with Jagi...man, that still gets to me. It was amazing how much effort they put into making each character have a distinct personality.
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    MikeSmithsNotepad reacted to WOR in #1 Hawks Vs #5 Wizards Game 6 Thread. Let's End It!   
    Shout out to bigblkdog, zone, and atlfan for being here from the jump.
    DB you get no shot out. Much like Mike Scott tonight, you will not be called upon
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    MikeSmithsNotepad reacted to AF89 in #1 Hawks Vs. #5 Wizards Game 5 (Series Tied 2-2)   
    Steve Koonin ‏@SteveKoonin 2m2 minutes ago
    ATL shattered the record for most watched @ATLHawks game last night. As a former TV exec the numbers are staggering. Let's break it tomorrow
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    MikeSmithsNotepad got a reaction from Grrrillapmpn Inc.® in Kroy Re-Signed   
    The **** are we gonna get some starters? All of the signings so far would be 'depth" for most decent teams in the NFL.
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    MikeSmithsNotepad reacted to Ed Roland in Kroy Re-Signed   
    So in 24hrs Clay signs w Buffalo, Hardy w Dallas, and we resign Kroy..... Ok
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    MikeSmithsNotepad reacted to The Shotfather in Kroy Re-Signed   
    I have honestly not hated an Atlanta Falcons player this much since Michael Vick.
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    MikeSmithsNotepad reacted to Door Gunner in Kroy Re-Signed   
    I did..
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    MikeSmithsNotepad reacted to The Shotfather in Kroy Re-Signed   
    And what exactly is TD logic? "Draft every available player who has had multiple knee injuries throughout his college career"?How is that better than "Draft every player as if you expected them to be a star"?
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    MikeSmithsNotepad reacted to Bawse in Kroy Re-Signed   
    Who else on this entire board wanted Biermann back???? Did Biermann garnish any interest from any team whatsoever in the NFL before re-signing??? Mass was picked up by the Titans immediately after being cut. Speaks for itself.
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    MikeSmithsNotepad got a reaction from Tony Diesel in Kroy Re-Signed   
    Kroy is just the kind of person i feel i can take my kids to see and say "Junior you see number 71 who cant shed a blocker or get to the QB? He is the one leading us to 5 wins this season". I can hold my head high throughout the losses and the 100 dollar tickets because we have upstanding citizens on this team!
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    MikeSmithsNotepad got a reaction from thanat0s in Kroy Re-Signed   
    The **** are we gonna get some starters? All of the signings so far would be 'depth" for most decent teams in the NFL.
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    MikeSmithsNotepad got a reaction from Bawse in Kroy Re-Signed   
    The **** are we gonna get some starters? All of the signings so far would be 'depth" for most decent teams in the NFL.
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    MikeSmithsNotepad reacted to thanat0s in Kroy Re-Signed   
    The problem is, nearly every player on our roster is depth.
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    MikeSmithsNotepad reacted to Xfactor in Kroy Re-Signed   
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    MikeSmithsNotepad reacted to Tony Diesel in Kroy Re-Signed   
    Ultimately, I'm pretty sure it was TD, he loves rummaging through the bargain bin like the Big Sky and Missouri Valley Conferences.
    He often wants to find the diamond in the rough rather than take the obvious SEC stud who's next on the board. smh!

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    MikeSmithsNotepad reacted to nomak in Kroy Re-Signed   
    Lol...so is Smith still the only clueless man for keeping this guy? Just wondering, after all he was what was wrong with this team.
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    MikeSmithsNotepad reacted to WOR in Free Agent De/olb Derrick Morgan Has Not Left Falcons Meetings   
    BREAKING : the AJC has hired drew boylhart as their new editor. The press release quoted his "work ethic" "journalistic integrity " and "listening skills".
    Dled was quoted as saying "he reminds me of myself at that age."
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    MikeSmithsNotepad reacted to Common Sense in Falcons Using Fake Crowd Noise?   
    When I was a kid my mother forbid me from hanging around certain characters she deemed questionable.
    Maybe Blank should distance himself from Kraft and the Belilcheats !
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