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  1. Lindstrom looks solid. McGary is going to struggle
  2. AJ has the potential to be a Pro bowler. Outside of him the entire secondary is average to below average
  3. Clay Travis is trash but i have news for you all. I live outside of Atlanta and travel frequently. Nobody outside of Atlanta thinks hes that great. This fanbase (well actually just this message board) tends to overrate the guy. He's on the same level as Stafford and Phillip Rivers but on here he is a mere step down from Aaron Rodgers.
  4. Its never his fault. EVER. I would love to have a job where i get praised to high heaven when i do well but also have an army of apologists when i dont get results.
  5. More absolving Ryan of ANY responsibility for the state of this sad sack franchise. Must be nice to have never to have thrown an interception, fumbled a ball or contributed to a loss as the highest paid player and face of the franchise since 2008
  6. I love how people on here think about this "team". Everyone else sucks except Matt Ryan. When Matt Ryan has a bad game lets look at dropped passes, lack of a All Pro's at every position and coaching. When he has a good game and we lose lets look at lack of All Pro's at ever position, dropped passes and coaching. This guy is telfon. Too much of the praise and NONE of the blame.
  7. They are the same exact people that wanted Mark Richt to have a lifetime job because he was the only human in the world that could coach the UGA Bulldogs to 10 wins per year and win the Outback Bowl. The argument was always "Well if we fire Richt I want you to TELL ME WHO ARE GONNA GIT" Backwords conservative thinking is the reason why Atlanta sports are the laughing stock of the sportsworld. I live out of state and people think im a clown for following this team. Once you step outside of the fishbowl of being an Atlanta fan you will realize that Matt Ryan is not some irreplaceable Thanos
  8. Those are by far the worst teams in the league. Saying at least we are not the Browns is not saying much at all. At least compare us to other middling teams like the Chargers and the Panthers. The Browns have a better record than us btw and a brighter future.
  9. Blank doesn't mind being the laughing stock of the league.
  10. Amen. He has avoided the chopping block for far too long
  11. It was on his watch. If he doesn't have accountability for hiring coaches and you guys claim he doesn't draft players and sign free agents.....please tell me the duties of TD the GM? Does he sweep up the dome? Walk Blanks dogs? Why is he totally insulated from criticism unlike the other NFL GMs?
  12. This is simply a false statement. VERY false. Calvin Ridley, Julio and Todd Gurley. You act like he's out there throwing to nobodies. He has had a hall of fame player to throw it to for 10 years
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