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  1. I dont trust this front office to draft O-linemen
  2. Do you believe in empty stats? Like today. Ryan was awful in the first half. The Packers got a comfortable lead and went into prevent mode and gave up alot of yardage. We are also DEAD LAST in run yardage. We are usually playing from behind which forces us to abandon the run and turn into a passing only team. I would rather have a 220 yard, 2 td game and a win than a 275 yard game with 3 tds and 2 turnovers and a loss. I think we get so caught up in numbers that we dont even believe what our eyes are telling us. Im not saying he is a bad qb. Just not a QB that i would say can carry us. He has been blessed with weapons his entire career.
  3. Where do you guys get these stats from? Is there some kind of Matt Ryan Apologist Almanac?
  4. Rodgers has been bad this season. He still has a better record than Captain Checkdown. I dont care how many stats you pull out of your ***. Nobody outside of the homers on this board are picking Ryan over Rodgers.......even in a down year
  5. I want TD and DQ gone. Pacifist Falcon Fan: WELL QUINN LED US TO A SUPERBOWL! TD DRAFTED MATT RYAN!!! Well Nick Foles actually WON a Superbowl and he is riding the **** bench. Im sick of the Falcons holding on to ppl for sentimental reasons. I hate moral victories.
  6. Ive been saying this for years. People just throw a bunch of empty stats at you that dont mean much. He came into the NFL at just the right time. Offensive record books will be rewritten every single year. His stats will be meaningless. "YOUNGEST IRISH QB TO THROW FOR OVER 6000 PASSING YARDS WHILE CHEWING GUM" Who cares?
  7. Everytime a Matt Ryan lover defends him its always about stats. Stats sometime don't tell the entire story. Matt has games where he looks great and others where he looks like dog doo-doo. On the games where Matt has WR's make EXCEPTIONAL plays on bad throws, Matt gets the credit. When Matt plays lousy his supporting cast gets ALL of the blame. Just be fair. He had one exceptional season. Other than that he has been Andy Dalton.
  8. Its always interesting to see the general public's perception vs this forums opinion on Matt Ryan. It is night and day. Matt Ryan can do no wrong with some posters here. Its always someone elses fault. As if other QB's have 5 future hall of famers on their OLine at all times. MR has to have perfection to have SUSTAINED high production. Others just make something out of nothing
  9. I think TD has nude pics of Arthur Blank. The Teflon GM. He has been here 12 seasons and the SAME weaknesses still exist.
  10. That stuff that Kirby and Saban do wouldn't fly in the pros. Saban was an failure in Miami. DQ and Pete are players coaches so they have to do some of that catch phrase crap. I mean i get it, its just annoying and i wish it was backed up with better results for my team. At least pete has a **** ring, he can chew gum and prance up the sidelines for another 5 years.
  11. Are we talking about passion or game managing?
  12. I have doubts that 9-7 even gets you in the playoffs. Even if we make it, our defense sucks which means a first round exit
  13. If thats the case, Quinn should have it. He worked under Saban. Pete Carroll is passionate. I dont think passion is something that is passed on like a cold. DQ's fake enthusiasm and cliches are starting to grind my gears. Players tone all of that stuff out after a while, Next Man up, and in Brotherhood blah blah
  14. Who is the actual GM. Someone has to make the final decisions besides our meathead coach
  15. We mostly play them close no matter the record