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  1. Soooo many excuses for our own Matt Ryan
  2. First of all RIP to the victims. Al Sharpton just stays on people's minds 24/7. I saw plenty of people online not even say RIP to the victims but they are just more concerned with Al and Jesse showing up. 10 people were shot during bible study and their first and foremost thought is "that **** Al he is gonna MAKE it racial" I mean the guy said "im here to kill black people" its already racial! Its so much easier to focus on AL and Jesse rather than the root of the problem. Nobody wants to address the roots, just the branches. See what the root is, and when u kill the root the whole tree dies. Its so much easier to deflect though.
  3. Your making it personal for some reason sir. Condescension and name calling has never been my thing. Be blessed.
  4. You need players that fit your system. He hasn't drafted all future hall of famers recently (save Gronk) but he drafts solid no name players that gel with his team. The bar is so low that TD gets props for drafting starters occasionally. Most of his high round picks (pre Pioli) are no longer even on the team. Compare the so called poor drafts recently of NE and the recent ones of TD (2008-2013 http://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/atl/draft.htm http://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/nwe/draft.htm The Falcons classes from 2008-2012 we only have 8 players remaining that are on the active roster, 4-5 are starters. 3 have been pro bowlers. 5 full drafts! Pitiful.
  5. Yea, its downright awful, he doesn't know what he is doing at all up there. You would think this guy has won multiple Superbowls, and just got a ring last year. Im glad we Falcons fans have our ONE playoff win since 2008 to hang our hats on! We just came off winning 10 games in the last 2 seasons dude. Coach Hoodie is doing something right.
  6. Not many picks that Boy Genius Tommy drafted on his own without Daddy Pioli are still left on the roster. He is making Rich McKay look like Bill Belichick.
  7. Kroy is just the kind of person i feel i can take my kids to see and say "Junior you see number 71 who cant shed a blocker or get to the QB? He is the one leading us to 5 wins this season". I can hold my head high throughout the losses and the 100 dollar tickets because we have upstanding citizens on this team!
  8. Peerless Price can still be converted to Tight End?
  9. The **** are we gonna get some starters? All of the signings so far would be 'depth" for most decent teams in the NFL.
  10. That was his doppelganger Tyler Starr
  11. Exactly! Who is going to do the heavy lifting on defense? This offseason would be ok for a team looking to sure up Special teams and just add some icing on the cake. We still have tons of holes.
  12. Lets just re-sign Peria Jerry, Jamaal Anderson and Thomas Decoud. Lets bring back Mike Mularkey and Petrino. I mean this offseason has been a nightmare. Only the nut huggers will tell you any different. We let Spoon walk for 4 million and resign Kroy? KROY? This is why most rational fans wanted that DBAG TD gone. NO other player symbolizes the futility and flawed philosophy more than Kroy. TD and Kroy are like the last turds in the toilet. You keep trying to flush and here they go again.
  13. I would love to have Beastmode in a Falcons uni