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  1. Winning is so boring, gonna be 4 years in a row in at least the AFC Championship game. Do you guys in Atlanta ever get bored of being a dominant winning machine? Oh....
  2. Another guy who became a millionaire thanks to the Patriot way, how's that Jones trade working out for you?
  3. You should of listened to the GOAT, that Julio Jones trade ruined your team now you have an elite WR, no o-line no running game and no defense. #kisstherings
  4. Rex has unfinished business, he has to kiss the rings before he leaves the AFC East
  5. What's with the Patriot envy? The NFC South is full of hick trash.
  6. Yeah but we didn't throw up on ourselves with the division on the line, we deactivated Edelman, Gronk, half the starting offensive line and Jimmy Garoppolo played QB in the 2nd half
  7. Best comedy show on TV in a long time. Matty "Ice" continues to melt on the big stage.
  8. Your view is so short sighted let Matt Ryan walk and go play for the Bengals or someone on his $20m a year, how do your players feel when you tell your WR's and veterans sorry guys we're letting our QB walk because we don't want to pay them but don't worry we're just going to find an all pro QB in the draft cause it's that easy, Hello EJ Manuel/Geno Smith.
  9. Those defenses have a short shelf life only ever last 3-4 years because some guys want paid and have to go elsewhere the quarterback lasts 15 years.
  10. The Colts won 2 games in the year between Manning and Luck, they can't run the ball and their defense is flat out bad. How many games do you think they'd win with a rookie QB?
  11. You don't pay a QB just for a championship, you are paying the top flight quarterbacks to take you to the playoffs every year. The most important thing a franchise QB gives you is consistant playoff oppertunities because the more often you get in the better you chances and the more $$$$ for your owner. Not to win a Super Bowl then be 7-9 for the next 6 years, you have such a short sighted view of this whole "championship or bust", try asking Cleveland or Jacksonville if they'd mind 10 years of 10 win football and no ring.
  12. The QB isn't playing under a franchise tag, that's unrealistic and will never happen, he will hold out and force the issue. You have no choice but to pay him if you don't and you turn from an 11 win team into a 3 win team and he goes elsewhere and wins everyone is fired in the organization.
  13. Ok so when Andrew Lucks agent demands 6 years @ $25m a year and 70m of it guaranteed, you let him walk if you're the Colts? He's never won a Super Bowl and has 1 playoff win.
  14. You don't have a choice in the NFL but to overpay the quarterback, if you don't pay the QB someone else will. You're paying for potential not for production nowadays with the QB position, good luck letting your QB walk then having a decade of Jacksonville type quarterbacking.
  15. Andrew Luck will be the highest paid player in the NFL in a year, $25m a year, don't think so? The Colts can't run the ball, can't stop the run, can't do anything except throw the football. He knows that and his agent knows that, 11-5 and 11-5 in 2 years so far if he leaves in FA that's a 3 win team, they can't rely on a defense like Seattle or SF, they don't have a choice but to pay him like a Manning or Brady because if they don't someone else will then they will look like the dumbest people alive if he goes on to become the player many believe he will.
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