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  1. Beasley not coming back. I think Quinn has written him off like a bust. He doesn't even talk about him anymore.
  2. That's how it goes. Miss opportunities turn into bad things.
  3. Lol... in that case I would have to agree with dad!!! Do better Sark!!!
  4. I have NO issues with Sark. None. He gets an B+
  5. Calvin Ridley has one good game and everybody calling him a new number 1. Gtfoh.
  6. Torn calf isn't season ending. I know from experience.
  7. Torn calf... I hope.
  8. Thinking the same thing.
  9. Great part. I had no problems with our defense. Defense was great ALL game. Crappy penalties especially on Grady and Trufant.
  10. A lot of those penalties were crappy calls. Especially the two by Tru.
  11. At this point, yes. When's the last time Ryan had a game like Fitz did today? He can make ALL the throws. Granted, he doesn't have great games often, he's never had the tools Ryan has. He makes great decisions. Ryan? Meh. The guy isn't even mobile. Look for the Falcons picking a QB in the Draft this year. 3rd or 4th round. Ryan is average at best.
  12. Ummmm, can we have Ryan Fitzpatrick please??? That's all I want for Christmas.
  13. Lol... Are we really gonna entertain this?