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  1. Just hashtag blewdat. #blewdat
  2. 53 years to be exact.
  3. Why didn't he even have his knee up there? When's the last someone caught a ball with their knee? If you can do that, you should be in someone's circus. Unbelievable.
  4. Clayborn isn't walking.
  5. 1st and goal from the 9 and can't score a touchdown is an issue.
  6. DQ isn't going anywhere. He's the best coach we ever had.
  7. We gotta score here!!! Must score. Sark please give me a good series of plays.
  8. Hold on 65. Clear hold call.
  9. Jack and Coke. Lamb over rice
  10. Ugh, just a lil weed.
  11. Get a good o line, any running back can run through the holes they open (Emmitt Smith).
  12. Yes, and Sean Payton seem like he would scheme the route he wanted to take? Once he found out that we had basically won our game. He's not trying to play us again.