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  1. It would be completely unfair if RM doesn't get his fair shot. Give him a one year deal. You kept DQ two years too long anyways. RM hasn't shown you why he cant do the job.
  2. Probably keep exactly what we have now honestly. It’s working seemingly. The play calling has even gotten better.
  3. We got lazy on offense. Eat the clock on offense. Stop the big plays on defense. Hasn’t happened.
  4. I understand you point but you are speaking in hindsight. Who would have thought Takk would have been this bad, this injury prone? If I'm not mistaken, this is the draft after the superbowl. We were trying to fill in Dwight Freeney spot. We were simply trying to keep what we had in tack and go right back after that horrible loss. We didn't need a safety or RB.
  5. We have our head coach. Raheem. what has he done so far that has proven otherwise?
  6. 4-5 years is a lot my fellow Falcons fan. That would mean Julio would be 35 and Matt 40-41. The Falcons would have definitely moved on from them by then. At least not being the #1 QB and WR.
  7. Ur absolutely right... My thing is this team is competing. This team has responded. This team is winning.
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