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  1. Keith Smith may not be on this team with Lee Smith on the team now. Jaeden Graham should also be in front of Lee Smith. He is a pretty decent pass catching TE. Better than Lee Smith.
  2. Whatever. That was straight disrespect. Julio did not have to go on Natl tv and say that. He always seem like the quiet respectable guy until hes upset. He a diva just like the rest of them. The Falcons organization has always kept money in his pocket and tried to win games at the same time. Deuces Julio. Send that fool packing. He had questionable hands anyways....
  3. Welp.. I wonder if Matt Ryan feels the same way? Grady too for that matter which is why they haven’t extended his contract.
  4. This HAS to be photoshopped. The other leg isnt as big.
  5. From rural GA? Where did that come from? 😂
  6. I was listening to 92.9 and they saying Grady may not want to restructure or extend. He wants to play out the contract and test the market. Grady knows his value
  7. I think another FA RB may be an option but after camp starts. I think they are really gonna check out Ollie. He’s the big back we been needing that may have under utilized.
  8. No Keith Smith probably. We can use a TE for a FB. Opens a spot. Harmon may play SS.
  9. Could be that there are serviceable FA RBs out there we can sign on 1 year deals
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