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  1. This means we are going to get a better rotational player.
  2. Any pictures video of the workout? I’m hyped.
  3. Running the ball is great! I think thats excellent that we ATTEMPT to run the ball. The issue is that we cant get yards. Last year we were 3rd from the bottom in average yards per carry. You know who was worst? Jets and Miami. There is still a problem that needs to be addressed. Now that we have this information, I dont think its the OC. He's calling the run plays, now we need to execute or get the right personnel to be effective. https://www.espn.com/nfl/stats/team/_/view/offense/stat/rushing/table/rushing/sort/rushingYardsPerGame/dir/desc
  4. OMG. What did I just see? 🤣😂😅
  5. I like the video but we really had to go all the way back to when Alex Smith was the QB for KC which was three years ago. The guy has potential. Has the size, and speed. Looks like he even has moves but we will see. This is a great pick up at really no cost.
  6. No Fromm is garbage. It’s a reason here is still on the board. He played behind a great o-line and a rb. Funny how everyone he played around has been drafted.
  7. That said, every corner gets beat. Whether on a short crossing route cause you have stiff hips or getting beat deep cause ur peeking in the backfield. Pick you poison. Terrell was in every catch in that clip. Ill say it again, you had to make a helluva catch to have a completion.
  8. Everybody is only mad on here because the guy THEY wanted was not draft. These people on here can eat Falcons poo at this point. A.J. Terrell is a good CB. We have too many needs to be trying to trade up and we need quality so trading back was not an uption either. He was a good pick. CB was a big need and we got it.
  9. He's not bad at all. He gets beat deep. 4 TDs given up all season isnt bad. Joe Burrows #1 pick threw two TDs against him. LSU won it all for a reason though. Fast as lightning though. You have to make a play to catch the ball.
  10. I’m assuming Julio will demand a trade now cause he doesn’t like the Jersey.
  11. current logo. Yall are reaching at nothing.
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