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  1. Imao... Wheres the middle finger emoji when you need it...
  2. I was literally going to say that. Didn't even read the article because of the title.
  3. You saw what I saw. Turnovers. You over reacting. It's all fixable which it will be. Penalties continued drives. Self inflicted wounds. One game doesn't define your season.
  4. Game changing drive right here
  5. Please give me the 10 teams we lose to and why.
  6. Dang... See. Well I'm sure once we get this Julio deal done, it should relieve some cap. Just pay the man!!
  7. I don't think we can afford him. Cap won't let us. Lol we sitting under 1mill after the Bryant signing.
  8. This is the best roster I've seen with the Falcons in a while. Two question marks though? We kept 5 RBs INCLUDING Ortiz and had TEs play FB in the preseason. Is this saying we holding a roster spot for Hageman or was he just not good enough? Where's is our true weakness on this team? I don't see one... I'm pumped. Week 1. Hurry up!!
  9. Kazee? Allen?
  10. That was LaVeon Bell-ish.
  11. I like the way you thinking...
  12. Saints.. Alvin Kamara and/or Brees Bucs.. Cadillac Williams and Sapp Panthers.. Peppers, and Cam These guys are/were game changers.
  13. I think he was with the Lions when the Eagles win the SB
  14. Where is Matt Bryant
  15. Well the CB technique was horrible from the beginning. He was immediately on the rebound only to bite on the in and out move. I fault TB and their coaches. That CB may not have a job tonight. My son knows hows to square up a receiver better than that. Horrible.