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  1. Nah, cant say that they did. That was a down game for us. Julio dropped a huge pass on the sideline to keep the drive going. They did have a great scheme against us though. All in all, we did lose.
  2. Wait, I take that back. I dont feel bad for no team on our schedule...
  3. From what Ive been seeing and hearing lately, these guys are angry and hungry. I honestly feel bad for every team on our schedule this year. We as fans feel the energy from the team. People are on these message boards talking about 19-0. It all a possibility until we lose. I've been saying this since last year this time. Whose gonna stop us? We can actually stop a another team now but no one still can stop this offense. Im not really sure what side of the ball I am more excited about offense or defense. SOMEBODY STOP US!!!!
  4. This is awesome!
  5. We as fans cant put that much pressure on the team as well as ourselves. If we do not win the SB this year, this fanbase is going to go in complete meltdown and possibly feel worst than last year becuase our hopes were so high. Im just trying to start this season fresh as if last season didnt happen. Clean slate.
  6. That was just one **** of a play by Edelman. If Alford makes that INT. Hands down, game winner and Superbowl MVP. I think that play was the turn of events to me. SB51 will forever haunt me. Ugh.
  7. Hardys hands are better that Julios. I dont think Ive ever seen Hardy drop a pass. Julio reminds me so much of T.O. Great WR that tends to drop a pass or two. (The Eagles game last year) The toughness part? Ive never seen Hardy play through turf toe, bunion pain, and screws in the foot. That has yet to be determined.
  8. Yeah, if Kazee balls out. Rico is expendable.
  9. Everybody doubted this guy.. He was always a baller in my book.
  10. Oh wow!! Wonder why.
  11. **** right that's good
  12. That"s a great observation. I think **** actually do better that Kyle. I wasn't a fan of him we got him but Ill admit that he did open our offense up. We seems so bottled up but before he got here. Kyle flaws were covered by success. We had a couple of times that the play calling was sub par but we had a lead or a stop so it didn't affect us as much.
  13. Thats completely fine with me. Look where it got us. We were clearly a more physical team on offense and defensive. Id say do it
  14. 9mill can resign Free!! Structure it will and we can a guard too!!!