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  1. No he not!!! He's smaller than Aaron Donald. He found don't hey me wrong. When he's double he doesn't become a threat. Aaron Donald took 20 sacks last year knowing he was going to be doubled every play. 75% of Donald, no.
  2. That same crowd would have been walking up and down Peachtree St. the whole weekend. Thank God!!!
  3. Let's just say the last two times he was DC, they went to the Super Bowl.
  4. Tell that to Mr. Brees.
  5. I just we bringing in Jim Mora to run ST now...
  6. Dawgs, Smawgs... this isn't even Falcons related.
  7. Devondre Campbell is nasty.
  8. Umm, the Falcons issue isn't at RB after watching the Falcons this year. They have a good secondary, which we need. All 4 dlineman are better than ours. There is really nothing about there offense Id pull from. You get a good Oline, anybody can run behind it. Ask Emmitt.
  9. Hope this is true
  10. Give me Zimmer or Bowles for DC. OC Kubiak for OC Bring back Koetter???
  11. I look at it like this: if he were that bad, Dan Quinn would have relieved him of his duties like he did Richard Smith. Mid season if neccessary.
  12. Im glad I'm not the only one who saw the push off.
  13. Oh dude, S T F U. We are only talking about the bad calls the refs were making. We all agree can agree that Kamara I'd a very good QB. Without those penalties, the Saints possibly have no points to show for. #Katrinarefs
  14. As much as HATE the Saints, Alvin Kamara is a monster.