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  1. 5 yards, 10 yards, either way, roddy was at the 5 yard line ........................
  2. Lets go back. We HAD a Superbowl Championship team. This is kinda a counterpoint to my " keep Julio Jones" thread. Back in 2012, teams FEARED the falcons offense. Nobody could stop them, and thats even with a run game that was lacking in short yardage situations. We all know the defense wasnt GREAT, but it wasnt as bad as it GOT. All they needed was ONE OR TWO difference makers on defense, and we wouldve been ok. Here is the mistakes, in my opinion, that lead us to where we are today. Dimitroff trading up wasnt the mistake. Here are the mistakes: 1. Not back loading Matt Ryan's contract extens
  3. Its unbelievable, really. Seems like everyday, a " get rid of julio jones " thread is made. We NEED player (s) like Julio Jones. Scrubs dont win championships. A lot of fans werent upset when the falcons didnt resign Deion Sanders. Julio is THAT caliber of athlete. He CAN DOMINATE....... Its about SUPERBOWLS......nothing else matters. Ask San Fran and Dallas HOW they both notched a extra Superbowl title onto their resumes. They went and got the best player available that could dominate and change a game. We have seen Julio dominate, its not his fault the falcons didnt have a defense that could
  4. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/12/24/falcons-using-joe-banner-as-a-consultant/
  5. wouldve been interesting to have dunta line up opposite trufant............
  6. Didnt like the move at first. I was looking at the falcons roster, and decided that either Bowles or Austin would fit the personnel better because of their scheming. I saw it as another falcon blunder. When Quinn said " we want to play faster", that changed my perception of him. What he is saying is they are simplifying the schemes so that the players can REACT and not think too much. Nolan/Smith went down that route already. I say all this to say that if Quinn fails, i think it will be more a result of the front office not getting the TALENT into his system, vs what Quinn himself is gonna do.
  7. same ole falcons. excuses not to be a elite team............this the SAME organization that let deion sanders leave.........
  8. i saw him play. the BEST runningback in the league when he played. a lock hall of famer had he not gotten hurt in practice. imagine a slower version of herschel walker, with possibly more power, and thats william andrews:
  9. now, if atlanta had signed a big time free agent edge rusher like they was suppose to...............
  10. tim tebow won a heisman and a national championship, and was part of another national championship.......he is not in the league, so what makes kroy soo special................
  11. these are the best falcon uniforms. The late 70s, early 80s classic joints: if we HAD to go to black, these are the ones to get:
  12. with the falcons, everybody is used to mediocrity, so, he is right, kroy just fits right in with the norm. there is no accountability for what the falcons do. that new billion dollar stadium they were awarded with, when there is a perfectly good georgia dome sitting there for them to use, is PROOF of that....
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