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  1. Lol! You guys love looking at statistics.
  2. Oh of course blame the refs for the existence of this piss poor team.
  3. Relegated to what? The CFL? Maybe. Could be worse.
  4. Didn’t do too well in English class?
  5. Matt Ryan is not in the same area code of these players. This is the most delusional post I have ever seen.
  6. So you do realize that this guy is a total unknown in New Orleans, right? Do you know what media outlet he supposedly works for?
  7. And at the end of next season, everyone in the organization will get a participation trophy.
  8. Dimitroff must have pictures. Blank keeps insulating him with levels of management above and below. He is never held accountable. Poor Thomas just needs more help. It sure seems like Blank wants GM by committee. That will work for sure.
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