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  1. 42-7 Panthers win Why we get the L? We suck! Seriously though.... In Carolina, their D is really good and will get to Ryan easily. Cam will have a field day on our D. Ryan throws three picks and will be sacked five times. Makes me sad, mad and looking forward to the off-season.
  2. Is seriously there for the taking. If The offense would just get it done! I obviously care about how we do, what we do and if we can get into the play-offs BUT.... I cant wait to see what happens during the off-season. Will see some great addition as well as one or two big changes.
  3. Left, why can't we pass like that all game?!?!
  4. I agree! Win these first two, can build our confidence up. Game in Caroina will be tough but will make the playoffs. Can't wait for Sunday!!
  5. I thought I read or heard before season start, that DQ will be selecting or being part of the process of hiring a new GM? For next season, could be wrong.
  6. That should of been the decision! Not kicking a FG!! I hope someone is seeing these bad decisions (More on the offensive side). Shanahan sucks and yes it's s new system, etc... But today as well as almost every game, there has been bad play calls by our OC, bad play by Ryan and the O-line, this is rediculous! Now we go into a bye week and when they come back to play, if the team is playing the same on offense then changes need to be made. First by canning Shanahan! If we come back from the bye and we do not win our first game or even the second game, do we fire the OC??
  7. How can you go long ball and then in the second half throw short passes, etc... Drives me crazy
  8. Maybe, just maybe we will see a little more of that in the second half!!!!
  9. The long ball!! To JJ!!! And a TD To DF
  10. We called a TO just to let them score an immediate TD!!
  11. And don't get me wrong... I understand new coaches, new system, etc... But our offense has played better (much better)
  12. If we cont' to play like this will we finish the season with the same OC? I can't believe that the fans are the only ones that see bad coaching when it comes to the offensive plays. We've already seen other team let go of coaches. Just wondering as this offense is pathetic.
  13. We keep playing like this we could be on the outside looking in. Looks like Brees is back to true form. That would be a B**ch if we continue to play like this and we don't end up in the playoffs.
  14. Maybe the boos will wake up upper management!!
  15. Agree 100%, tired of this! I'm not saying it should be an easy win but come on!!!! We should play better then this!!
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