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  1. Ironic that he goes to Denver. Possession of 1 oz. Within city limits. Sorry I had to go there.
  2. Well time will tell. And if sacks is all he does.... I should not complain
  3. Quinn and his staff will fix any and all problems some of you feel that Beasley is lacking in (skills that is). This is one of the reasons they hired (if not the main reason) Quinn as our head coach. All will be great!
  4. Do you guys think we will try to get back in the first round?
  5. Yes. Though I've read a couple of articles that say we are not interested but the front office could be just saying that to keep it hush,hush. Supposedly there are 6 teams interested in him. Hope we are!
  6. I've should've never opened that link.... now I'm hungry (that steak looks good!) Lol
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