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  1. Hey now watch It, those two Breakin' movies were the bomb my brotha'! Lol
  2. This sucks!!! Brees has declined something terrible this year, specially on the road. I think the Saints road record this year is directly related to Drews poor play. The oline has some to do with It, but still, come on!
  3. Pats over Indy....9ers over Kitties....Saints over Seachickens....and Donkeys over Lightning bolts.
  4. I'm what you people call a Ain'ts fan. I purpose you guys keep Smitty please! He's a first half genius. Plus, with Smitty as the Falcons coach, we don't have to worry about your team beating us. Lol.... I truly believe he Is WAAAAAAAAAAAY to conservative, specially with a lead. Must be a horrible feeling to have a coach like Smitty. You don't ever defer from what got you the lead. Just watch what Payton does when he has a lead.
  5. I'm a member, and not a Racist. Your Just a miserable human being. That place doesn't allow any profanity of any kind. The huddle uses all kinds of profanity.
  6. Nope, When they decided to give a big lump sum to one player who can't thrive when he has no help in the jungle, that's when It went wrong.
  7. Sorry, oline aside, Ryan Is mediocre at best, and for sure not worth no 20 million. Ryan Isn't the only QB that's playing behind a bad Oline. Have you seen the Giants?
  8. Seems he would be better suited for flag football if what you're saying is true.
  9. How in the world can anyone ban Si Robertson????
  10. Why oh why do you have to be so annoying with the third person crap? Do you have any Idea how cheezy you sound?
  11. Learn proper grammar before you decide to call someone else out on their communication skills. It makes you look extremely foolish, kind of like my avatar pic.
  12. But his name (Clowney) is such a perfect match for y'alls team (Failclowns). Lol
  13. I like It better when you Falcon fans are delusional. Y'all being rational isn't any fun.
  14. OP is correct, we could all be a little more optimistic around here. Besides all the star players out with injuries. Forget that the O line, and the defense are a bunch of 3 rate players. Things are on the up swing. Just look a the positive, instead of going 1-15 for the season, we might go like 3-13? Who knows, but here's to things looking up!!!!!
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