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  1. Thanks. I'm sure we will. Have fun playing your playoff game in... Oh yeah. Well, Enjoy the holidays.
  2. Yes, over the years Saints fans have put hundreds of hexes on the Falcons, some more successful than others. Unfortunately for dirty bird fans, right now they are suffering under a very powerful curse called Devenzo Ineptus. The bad news is this is a strong hex that causes blown coverages, missed tackles and a non existent pass rush. It also makes defensive players look slow and uninspired. Sound familiar? The good news is, I'm somewhat of a voodoo curse expert. For the ridiculously low price of just $99.95, I can attempt to remove any and all hexes, curses, jinxes or spells. (charms not included) Remember, the more attempts, the more chances to remove the curse. And if you act now, the next 15 customers will receive a bonus "Steady Feet" mojo bag. This rare "prayer in a bag" gives your quarterback a warm comfortable feeling in the pocket. Only serious offers will be considered. PM me if interested.
  3. I've had the ablation procedure. They had me doing heavy cardio workouts 10 days after the procedure and I'm not anywhere close to being in NFL shape. If he's out more than a month I'd be very surprised.
  4. High up side, low risk. Great pick. I was hoping the Saints would get him.
  5. Wow!! I hadn't heard that. If that's the case, and he wants to retire, then the Saints better put a nice comfy Lazy Boy on the sideline for him to keep him on the roster.
  6. I think the Malcom Brown signing ended any speculation about Suh. I think Suh woulda been outta their price range anyway. If they could've signed him it would've really limited anything else they could do.
  7. Yeah, if the front office knew Unger was going to retire, they sure kept it a secret. If it was a surprise, that might change everything they're trying to do in free agency.
  8. I haven't heard anything. They've had Jared Cook, Ziggy Ansah and Nick Easton in for visits but they all left without signing.
  9. Pushing them down the road. Instead of a $33m cap hit this season, they spread it out over the next three seasons.
  10. Brees restructured to free up $10m and Unger's retirement nets about $7m.
  11. By resigning your own, you can be pretty confident that they fit your scheme, have a good understanding of their individual responsibilities and are not a disruption in your locker room. Free agents are a bit more of risk.
  12. Bucs problems go deeper than Head Coach. It's and organizational culture problem.
  13. Compared to the other Falcons receivers, Julio 77%, Sanu 73%, Ridley 53%, Hardy 24%, Hall 19%, Gage 3% Also having a quality rotation has to have influence on snap counts too.
  14. For the 2018 season, Julio's been on the field for 77% of the offensive snaps, OBJ for 78% and Antonio 93%, Adam Thielen 97%, Tyreek Hill 86% and Deshawn Watson 99%. Julio's definitely not coming out every other play. I think the guys that run deeper routes tend to come out more often.
  15. Yeah, but they're Panther fans, what do they know. Heck, they still think Cam is a quarterback.
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