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  1. Other teams learned how to beat Seattle which is with an athletic TE then they applied that to the Falcons!
  2. How about give me his scouts! They seem to continue to find these dudes to fit their scheme!
  3. I don't think Quinn with be gone at the break but I do think we need to start looking at trading some pieces away! We need cap space! Do i know who they should trade No but someone has to go!
  4. This team is dead in the water no matter what excuse Dan Quinn wants to give! We have too much salary holding this team back over the next few years! The Falcons need to start shopping players to gain some salary cap room which will start the teams' rebuild! At least give the new coach a chance to find his players in the off season because its clear this team built currently does not have the fortitude to compete at a high level consistently! I am as much a Falcon fan as the next but we have to be realistic about where this team is and where it's going! Start the purge!
  5. Man! All TD keys & locks would be changed after the clock strikes zero on the score board after the final game!! If we play away from home he would't be allowed back on the team plane! I'm so tired of him aw well he is part of the problem!
  6. Man!! This is pitiful!
  7. hindsight is 20-20 but think if we had moved back into the 1st rd of the draft to get one of the 2 best DBs still on the boards instead of a OL player with an on going heart issue! Then chunking some of these DBs would be easy!
  8. See thats crazy! I think the report shows we have not had a sack on a QB since week 2! Now that means we are not getting any pressure on any of the teams QB which means their QB has all day to find an open WR or TE!
  9. Smitty lost me when he said a pass rush is not really needed to help the defense! I was like what did he just say??
  10. The overall record says its Quinn but I think they are running a close race for #1!
  11. Says a die hard HOMER! But yes we already know Payton is a better HC than Dan Quinn
  12. I could understand giving him more time "if" he had won the Superbowl but there has been a steady downward spiral since then. Poor talent pick ups or drafts along the way! I hate saying this but Payton keeps finding these guys our of no where think about it. Snead, Still & others who are gone but made Payton look like a genius when they played with the Saints
  13. They might as well sit him next week anyways! Let Shaub die out there and lets see how they feel after the bye week!
  14. But Payton WON the Superbowl not just played in it! Payton had winning records after winning the Superbowl! So he actually had the records to back him up having 7-9 seasons to kind of rebuild! Quinn doesn't have the records to warrant this!
  15. Sorry but your wrong about four losing seasons in a 5 year span. Sean Paytons record from 2006: 10-6; 7-9; 8-8; 13-3; 11-5; 13-3; 11-5; 7-9; 7-9; 7-9; 11-5; 13-3; 5-1 currently. They (Saints) won the Superbowl with their first 13-3 record. Payton Has never had a season like the last us! Out of those 4 years of 7-9 only in two of those years did they start 1-4......... IJS
  16. Your right! Which is why I believe DQ will get the whole year. I don't like it but its a serious possibility!
  17. LOL he is taking every body down if he when he is fired! But what he doesn't know already is that they are all leaving when he is fired anyway LOL
  18. Totally agree!
  19. It's just sad! All we want as Fans in Atlanta is a team that competes every year! Sadly we get one that does so every 4 to 5 years! How long is Matt Ryans' new contract?
  20. As much as I think anything is possible! Thats not going to happen next week or the week after! DQ will get the whole season then will get dumped before he can make it back to the locker room after the last game LOL.
  21. We already know its not just Dan Quinn but TD as well. Both of them need to be fired just as some of our scouts bringing in & recommending some of this horrible talent!
  22. Same as last week. They did their best not to show an empty stadium
  23. Wrong! He still plays hard the problem is the change in defensive philosophy! They have him rotating between covering fast TEs and dropping back into this dumb zone! Instead of his playing at his spot of middle LB!
  24. NO team! I mean NO team will be willing to unload the $$ or the picks needed to get Ice boy