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  1. Sounds good but 2 of those teams have decent to very good DL
  2. Why? Ryan was his reason for taking the ATL job! You passed on a future QB so continue to lay in the poorly coached bed you have started with!
  3. Hmmmm not one thing about Ryan's play
  4. Probably the Jets. Giants have a nice DL & Washington has a great DL!
  5. It probably was restructured after the new HC said don't draft a QB I want Ryan that was one of the reasons he came to ATL. The GM should have said OK I hear you and drafted a QB anyway!
  6. Just in case a few people missed it last week!
  7. They could trade him! There are at least 2 teams right now need a starter!
  8. Well we are going to find out because the Falcons are about to start a full sprint into rebuild mode! Then its one less year left on Ryans contract and we have no you QB to develop behind him. So if this continues (losses) then a QB will be drafted next year!
  9. Yep! Let them finish the game ! They helped create this mess let them experience all the pain!
  10. Chiefs, Arizona, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Tampa starters all played in at least one game.
  11. Chiefs looked great and so did Arizona sooooooo
  12. Falcons need better SCOUTS!!! They are using them to help identify prospects
  13. Let add some of this to your response. You do have to blame the HC for a good portion of this as well. Reports were that the new GM wanted to start over by drafting a QB then addressing the cap issue . But the new HC said one of the reasons he came was because of the QB. Well the QB is apart of the bad cap space. I know no one in the ATL wants to hear about playing without Ryan but the reality is we need to dump his contract to begin a new!
  14. And thats the problem! They should have drafted a QB in the wings and moved Ryans contract next year! Now you need to draft a QB and beg someone to take Ryans contract! But either way this team is on its way to FULL REBUILD MODE!
  15. Thats why they didn't want to play the starters in any preseason games! They didnt want to show how bad they were to during the preaseason!
  16. Oh we know it was the wrong HC hire but it is what it is what at this point!
  17. And have you not been watching Hurts escape a lot of the Falcons pressure?
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