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  1. Oh. Im not one for keeping SARK but that INT was all Ryan. The other 3 WRs were i n a cluster on the opposite side of the field. Ryan should have been able to see the safety sitting over the top on Hooper's side which allowed the CB to undercut the route! Poor offensive design and poor QB game play for not changing to to something else.
  2. They have to see who wants to play ball!! If they don't want to play then they should be dropped by the end of the season! We have enough dead weight on this team!
  3. I totally agree!! Someone has to get tossed out on their HEAD TONIGHT!! My vote is SARK!
  4. Unless there are major changes in the immediate future this team will tank the rest of the year! The offense is sleep walking with no creativity and the defense seems lost! We need bigger and better DBs cause Alford (imma hold every WR) needs to be let go! I have tried to defend the guy at times but WOW he has performed bad! And our DEFENSIVE HC can't seem to motivate anyone! I know Mr. Blank has to Quinn he was safe but there needs to be some movement some where! Lets' not bring this trash back into 2019!
  5. DAYUM 34 unanswered!! And he missed Julio!!
  6. OMG!! Looked like Matthews was in the huddle! How generic we have become!
  7. It's almost amazing!! They SUCK from top to bottom!
  8. Easy they had over/under cover on Hooper but our QB did not properly read the defense!
  9. For a guy who played football at a cold weather school and was born up North! Ryan sure does look like he can't play in cold weather!
  10. Congrats! Great job fellas!!
  11. How far has DQ and this dumpster fire of a team has fallen! Defense can't stop a straight run and the offense can't block its own shadow!! OC can't figure out any new plays but straight go routes! Yes, I am putting the majority of this blame on DQ but Ryan the muti-million $$ QB has been unable to make the correct adjustments! They emptied the check book with Ryan congrats!!
  12. This team makes it hard to be a Falcon fan!!
  13. I have to agree with him! It seemed as if the defense was in our huddle today!
  14. A team that ran the ball about 10 times in a row and we could not stop them from holding the ball for almost 13 minutes in the 3rd quarter! When is Mr. Blank gonna start kick Aces!!
  15. Even worse an under-sized one at that!
  16. Something has too change!!! I wish it would change before the end of the season!! Just start firing mofos!! Let them know this is unacceptable!!
  17. Freaking amazing!
  18. Can't pay any one to come they unloaded the check book with Ryan.. Thats why we didn't go after any big time free agents!
  19. Then your watching the wrong game! Coaching is part of getting the OL & DL to compete using the scheme devised by their perspective coordinator
  20. 2yd routes in the hurry up along with a stupid run!