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  1. See this is half the problem with ATL Homers! I love this team also BUT I'm tired of this team being a no-show! Every game should be played as if its their last! You don't hear the Pats saying every year I'ts just the 1st game!! No they ware trying to WIN EVERY GAME! Until the Falcons change its going to be more of the same pathetic and poor showings! Take it how you want but its true
  2. My God I feel this way right now!! How can I get so excited about the upcoming football season just to be CRUSHED in game ONE!!! WTF!!
  3. Dirk Koetter and his stupid play call!! Ryan should have changed that play at the line!!
  4. I thought Quinn was calling the defense?? When does he plain on making an adjustment with Oliver cause they are looking for him??
  5. They sure have been!!
  6. They already have 125 before halftime
  7. Embarrassing! But hey it's the falcons
  8. 2 scores huh???
  9. Got pulled away by my wife I meant just UGA for the 8th year in a row
  10. So I know a lot of you are going to hate this conversation but the numbers don't lie! There were 64 players selected from the BEST college football conference which happens to be the SEC! So now that we know that let's talk about how many players did the Falcons take in this draft from the SEC? Don't worry its an easy number ZERO! There were enough players from the SEC drafted to give each team 2 players each yet our team seem to reach for people every year! For the "8th" year in a row he Falcons have run from players from a College (UGA) located less than 70 miles from the facility! You had the Jim Thorpe award winner drop right into your lap but nope not the Falcons!
  11. Ok but McGary is 6'7" with as I quote "shorter than average arms". This is an new OT LOL a speed rushers delight! A short armed bad balance OT.
  12. How sure are you about that? Because David Andrews is from UGA went undrafted but now has 2 Superbowl rings as the starting center for the Pats,