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  1. Look, I like a lot of you guys have trusted Kirby to make great decision for our squad! But every since that Fromm/Fields situation Kirby has missed his mark. Stop telling us JT is working with the scouts but gives us good looks but he is not good enough to play! If he's hurt say he's hurt.... Where is Carson Beck? Bennett is done and Mathis is struggling badly. Are you telling me Beck is so bad you will not even consider putting him in. Remember the guys can play in 4 games and still red shirt so what are they waiting for? And who is the QB coach? At this point we should be questioning their
  2. Dude was 11 for11 at one time! Man I get so aggravated while watching him play!
  3. At this point none of that should matter! Bennett STINKS and Mathis is not ready! Should be either JT and Beck or Beck & JT! Anyone else should be 4th or 5th back up! Yes I know I skipped 3rd!
  4. Wait! He moves around will the scouts and gives us very good looks but hes not good enough to play! Whatever!
  5. My problem with that is thats all Kirby talked about leading up to the 1st game of the season! Even on game day morning saying Daniels could be cleared this morning to play then all of a sudden he is cleared and now Kirby can't say why he is not playing and goes out his way not to even talk about the guy!
  6. I don't understand how the dude is not ready! Go and look at his stats as a TRUE FRESHMAN against Notre Dame! The dude lite them up with no turnovers! They need to put him in ......... Never mind the season is over
  7. What the Freak is going on with Kirby??? If JT Daniels is hurt just say so and where the in the world is Carson Beck??? Cause this is some BS he is putting on the field right now! It doesn't matter now since this season is effectively OVER! Geeezzz!!!
  8. We know that! It's like the OC preprogrammed him to lock in on Burton. According to the stats Burton had 11 targets but he only had 4 catches.
  9. Well he has been medically cleared so can't be some setback! Time to find a real QB at UGA!!!
  10. Does it matter? He gave Tua the nod after UGA had shut down Hurts it was in the 2nd half. The dude barely played all year but he came in and dropped a bomb on the UGA secondary and Bamma won the chip! Do you also need me to bring up the highlight and show it too you? The point is Saban pulled the trigger and Kirby would not. Never know we may have beaten LSU 2 years ago before Fields transfer had Kirby pulled the trigger then on a struggling Fromm!
  11. And thats the difference between Kirby and Saban. Saban pulled his starter and brough Tua in. Next thing you know Bama wins another Chip!
  12. We won't beat Bama the way we are currently set up. There has to be some hard changes!
  13. People need to get on the board that Ryan is getting older and we have no replacement! So might as well get one this year and either use Ryan to help coach him up or get what ever they can for Ryan in a trade!
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