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  1. Got Cowboy fans asking me to bet on the game and if we lose I wear a Cowboy jersey!! LOL no thanks!! I'm a realistic Falcon fan!
  2. Well maybe if they had done this MORE then he would have more TDs!!
  3. The best example of Falcon offense was the Superbowl! Go look (Check the play by play) how many times in the Red zone did the Falcons look for Julio.
  4. Julio has commanded double teams in the red zone! The Falcons basically use him as a decoy in the red zone!
  5. What you should know as true is that its a facts the Falcons purposely went away from Julio in the red zone. Julio never complained because he was team 1st! Just in case you forgot that part as well
  6. I live in Texas now and I was just about to buy tickets to watch Falcons vs Cowboys on Nov 14 but I changed my mind and it seems to be a good decision.
  7. Sounds good but give me your pitch to bring Golden Tate to the falcons team.......... We are building a winner for 2 or 3 years down the road and we would like you to help! Good luck with that one 😁
  8. Too bad we don't have a QB on the roster to develop as Ryan gets older!
  9. If this is similar to Tennessee's offense then #2 WR won't matter! This team will be running on 1st & 2nd down the hope to complete a pass on 3rd to keep the drive going ! Just like the old Titan offense
  10. Man!! I just don't see it but let's hope so!
  11. LOL, We all know why Julio only scores limited TDs..... And you will find out next year when the asme happens to Ridley
  12. Falcons win/loss prediction by most media 6-11 for the year. I know its early. Ryan is 36 not getting any younger (arm strength not getting any stronger either). The OL is a mess and the defense is needs a major overhaul. What is your prediction now that Julio is gone? I'm trying to be optimistic. Lets say 8-9 for this year
  13. Dude forget the garbage time yards when the defense has backed off and giving the offense yards! The team was 1-8 with Ridley as the #1. IDC about those garbage yards just the ones that counts when we need it most. Ridley scores 6TD with Julio on the fields but just 3TD with Ridley as the #1 minus Julio!
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