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  1. Me too!!! That will kill the organization for a minimum of 5 years if they do it!!!
  2. If these idiot Falcons tried to give years of Draft picks away to move up then Mr. Blank should be firing Dimitrioff at this very minute!! Theres not 1 player to fix that bad defense which has holes EVERY WHERE!!!
  3. Guess we might finally get a 1st RD draft out of UGA this year since they have at least 3 massive OL coming into the draft!!
  4. Just like the Falcons to not make an adjustment on a guy that KILLING the offensive line!! IDC where he lines up the guy is killing this line!! Do we give help when we identify where he is NOPE! No chipping, No double teams, NO JACK!! Just let the guy set the NFL sack record in one game!!! Man I can't wait for this season to be over!!! MAKE THE FREAKING ADJUSTMENT ALREADY!!!
  5. I agree most of may have also. It's like they tell all players to trust in their coach. The players buy in then like a ghost the coach disappears. Whats worse about this is the players that have not been resigned have ended up with this coach else where!
  6. The failure of TD to be able to find the hidden gems which is what he was supposed to have done in while he was in New England! We have had too many drafts where the majority of the draftees we lets's say not what we needed. Yet and still Mr. Blank gave him another chance. DQ was supposed to make the defense better! IDK how many of the players on defense he actually picked or was it a type he told TD he wanted and they just went to find some one to but at this point the DL & corners have been a failure!! With the lack of pressure on the QB it has exposed the DBs & safeties!
  7. Shanahan is a liar! The dude had just sat down in a meeting with Mr. Blank and said he was staying with the team but next thing you know he is signing a contract with San Fran! Seems as if they only trust trading with the Patriots SMH!
  8. You don't have to believe me just go take a look at the salary cap for the next few years and see what name is at the TOP!! You know what I'll do it for you!! https://overthecap.com/salary-cap/atlanta-falcons/
  9. I Agree! For the Falcons to get right to the edge of a deal then not pull the trigger is almost amazing (but it's the Falcons)! Free has a $6 mill dead money cap hit so if they cut him & get nothing then thats wasted money for Mr. Blank!
  10. That was my answer! Maybe you should go look at the salary cap for next year.. Then when you see this team will be in the same position with the same players and a different coach because we only have money to sign drafted players and nothing else. **** if you have been watching TD does not have the best record for finding hidden gems while being the GM in ATL!
  11. It may have been assumption but as the article have been released the Falcons had already agreed to do the deal but changed their mind a the last minute. It doesn't matter now but when we are in the same place next year because the salary cap has a strangle hold on the team severely limiting who and what type players we can sign. Just remember that!
  12. It could be but each article I read said a deal was in place and the Falcons walked away! I'm seriously curious about the structure of this deal.
  13. We haven't seen the complete deal that the Falcons walked away from but we need to more tan kick the wheels on some of these people! At the rate we are going we will end up with the same roster from this BAD year going forward! At what point do the Falcons wake back up! I hope they Strike!! LOL
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