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  1. It's called being stupid lol Nobody will know if any of these trades are good until at least a couple years when hopefully some of these prospects pan out. If they don't pan out I will look back and remember posters like you and have a good laugh.
  2. I wish the Braves had a real owner. If we could spend we would have never let Kimbrel go nor simba. You KEEP the young talent. Since baseball has no salary cap, only a non-effective luxury tax. The baseball dorks that actually like all these trades are funny. None of the prospects are guaranteed to pan out.
  3. You not gonna answer this OP?? Or are you already drunk and didn't see my question.
  4. Or don't. I find them extremely contrived personally... But this thread is different, I actually feel bad for OP. Happy birthday OP! Grey Goose huh? Yeah boy that's expensive stuff. How do you drink your vodka? When I drink liquor I like to drink shots, so my favorite (and my red kryptonite) is tequila. One thing I HATE is shots of vodka omg just thinking about it makes me want to vomit lol
  5. I can't think of anything cool or original. I guess what DQ and his teammates call him; Free.
  6. Lol now I really want to take a look. Yeah the game is over. It is what it is. Blah blah blah. I'm still curious as to what the correct call should have been.
  7. Oh was it. Then I'm wrong, I got a little excited and heated at that moment looking at the first replay angle from the sideline perpendicular to the end zone threshold. I will go back and watch that. The officiating has been bad enough lately hope you're right...
  8. 17 points man. We scored 17 points. I don't care what tge refs THINK they saw. Julio scored a ******* TD.
  9. The final score should be 17-7. I don't care what anyone says that was a TD. You saw Julio have posession while still in bounds and made a move with his hand over the pile on.
  10. Lol you ACTUALLY believe in jinx threads? Do you also believe in the easter bunny, tooth fairy, and Santa clause?? Did you suffer brain damage or something like that recently? Trying to figure out why your posts have been laughable of late...
  11. I didn't even pay attention to that number lol
  12. We're never going to cut him. Ever. If he doesn't adjust then the scheme will be tailored for him.
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