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  1. People are stuck at home and can pay attention to the ridiculous levels of Media bias. It's difficult to keep the echo chamber going when you have time to read past the headline. It's also interesting to note that the first response to real news on this board is to tell it to go away. The echo chamber doesn't like being exposed to reality.
  2. Completely agree. Cut all foreign aid. Bring back our carriers and turn them into off-shore hospitals. Use our military to enforce the borders. Isolate and shelter. Use the guard to build temporary hospitals. States can act on their own now, and stop begging Trump to take control of companies. For people who hate the guy, many are eager to give him the powers of a Dictator.
  3. The LIberal Echo chamber in this thread is disgusting. So much TDS while the Democrats' abhorrent behavior is ignored. While America is waiting for relief, Pelosi is stuffing the Stimulus with unrelated idiocy about Global Warming, Vote harvesting, Student loans, and Immigration. Giving $1000 to every man, woman, and baby in the country will cost $350Billion dollars. What is the other $2.2 TRILLION for? They're using the crisis as a money grab to fund every pet project they've ever wanted. Sure, let's talk about a Republican "slush" fund to prop up businesses (like Obama jokes about what he did in 2009), but ignore Pelosi' Green New Deal pork... shameful.
  4. How is not taking someone's money considered socialist?
  5. Reading this thread, someone might get the impression that the impeachment hearings are going well for the Democrats, other than the joke it's become. The lefty bubble on this boards is amazing.
  6. How long can the Senate delay a vote on impeachment? Let's assume the House Dems vote for impeachment. Then Trump gets re-elected. The Senate follows up by voting Yay to remove the Donald from office. President Pence for 4 years.
  7. Trump is so dumb, he can't even do racist stuff correctly.
  8. Didn't Trump release an impeachment ad 30minutes after Pelosi announced the inquiry? How is that not prepared?
  9. If you're buying stuff from a back of a van, and every product is legal, have you committed a crime?
  10. What happens if a President is impeached (with the hypothetical that it gets approved by the Senate) and is removed from office, but then gets re-elected a few months later, can he re-take office?
  11. The Mueller report proved this to be totally false.
  12. Are the Democrats getting better or worse at rigging elections?
  13. There's a difference between fighting an open war, and resisting an occupying force.