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  1. ...because incidents that affect less people than lightning strikes is what's destroying this country. Blaming the NRA for mass shootings is like boycotting the Girl Scouts to fight obesity. I'm surprised the left hasn't started calling all gun owners racist, misogynist, homophobic, Nazis. They've tried it against everything else... Make it illegal to hold a firearm if you failed a background check... or more gun-free zone signs; the shooter obviously didn't see the signage out front.
  2. Good thing the 2nd Amendment was intended to combat a tyrannical government led military.
  3. Gun Control makes as much sense as the war on drugs, and will have the same result if implemented.
  4. The flag has no political party. It stands for everyone.
  5. The UK is confiscating butter knives. The slippery slope fallacy argument relies on a theoretical point so ridiculous that both parties decide to stop. While this is true, that's just another way of saying that it's okay to step over a cliff because you'll stop at the bottom.
  6. Except that history proves it to be True. You're trying to say that one thing won't lead to another, while trying to lead us to another.
  7. When I was a kid, I used to jump a ditch that separated a dirt jogging path from a golf course cart path on my way to school. After my Mom freaked that I would kill myself jumping over it someday, my dad and I decided to build a bridge. Later, I noticed a lot of runners and golf carts using it, too. I always wondered if I should have gotten the school, or golf course, to pay for it. If the OP built a fence for his own benefit, why would it matter if his neighbor doesn't want to help pay for it?
  8. What exactly are we discussing in this thread, other than more regulation?
  9. If they really want to make Magneto in a modern setting, He should be Hispanic, escaping Trump's border concentration camp. The brotherhood could be members of Anti-fa.
  10. I always wondered what weapons would look like if the human race had been a Matriarchy.
  11. Actually, I stopped at it leading people to defend pedophilia. Which, I'm sad to say is actually happening now.
  12. With Trump putting people in Concentration Camps, now is not the time to give up your 2nd Amendment rights. You would think so, then you realize that there is a guy suing to get his balls waxed. THere is an ongoing culture war, and conceding ground means the front lines move. Ban one type of gun and the debate begins on which one should be next, until we're confiscating butter knives.
  13. In the future, there will be legislation forcing people to buy self driving cars because of drunk drivers.
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