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  1. There's a difference between fighting an open war, and resisting an occupying force.
  2. If you stop assuming Orange man bad all the time, it might open your eyes to what's happening. Try focusing on actual policies, rather than tweets... and you'll realize Trump is actually doing everything he promised to do. Unbelievable. Who was the last President who did that?
  3. I can see this affecting Trump's approval numbers in the fly-over states, but It won't change them to blue. They'll stay home rather than vote Democrat. The media is trying to tie tariffs to the stock market too, but we all know who Wall-street will back... If the trade war pushes the world into a recession (maybe), it could make a huge impact, if the Democrat candidate decides to address economics rather than identity politics; but it could prove disastrous for the Dems if they continue to push increasing taxes at a time when people are tightening their wallets. I never said it's not hurting them. It's one, of many factors that has affected farmers for years. I mentioned articles trying to attribute the cause to a single thing they can blame on Trump, last year vs this year, when in reality it's an ongoing problem lasting decades. There's a reason why we have farm subsidies.
  4. The left has attacked farm subsidies for years, and now Trump is able to increase them and call himself a hero. The Midwest can once again call to "buy American", and people will listen, while continuing to ignore media pundits who champion China's right to undercut American products with child labor. Genius. The USA has needed to address the trade deficit with China for decades. We need to stop relying on foreign goods as much as foreign oil. Since Trump's reputation is not an issue (unlike other Presidents), he might be able to tackle even more "untouchable" problems, like Social Security, next. Maybe after 2020... This is a good thing, even if we have to weather a few short term, negative effects for now.
  5. They're "asking" customers not to open-carry and will discontinue sale of their least popular type of ammo. Appeases the gun-control crowd while not alienating their customers that hunt.
  6. Everything is by God's will. If evolution is proven, it's because God made it so.
  7. Surprising that farmers-filing-for-bankruptcy stories, that have been reported by the media for years, is suddenly the fault of Tariffs. Last year it was blamed on Trumps Global Warming policies.
  8. I love that some of the comments refer to China as an authoritarian, right-wing government. How far to the left do your twitter followers have to be, to see China to their right? ...and it completely makes sense that there would be Anti-capitalist grafiti from the most Pro-capitalist city in China.
  9. Supporting freedom should not be exclusive to one party. I agree with Alyssa Milano's support for the hong kong protesters against Socialist China.
  10. ...because incidents that affect less people than lightning strikes is what's destroying this country. Blaming the NRA for mass shootings is like boycotting the Girl Scouts to fight obesity. I'm surprised the left hasn't started calling all gun owners racist, misogynist, homophobic, Nazis. They've tried it against everything else... Make it illegal to hold a firearm if you failed a background check... or more gun-free zone signs; the shooter obviously didn't see the signage out front.
  11. Historians, English Teachers, and the Supreme Court already agree on it's meaning... what needs to be corrected?
  12. It's fake. First, the shooter places the gun on the counter as he falls, then then robber hands the gun to the shop keeper, before running at the end, with a jump cut in between takes. Edit: it's an ad for a facebook series about teenagers...