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  1. Because adding 8 trillion in 4yrs to the debt is Obama spending responsibly, but Trump adding less than 2 trillion in 2 years is massive!
  2. Just being a Republican is a policy change. It tells businesses that you're not going to try and screw them over for the next 4years.
  3. You do realize that "rich people" is part of "us", right? We're all in this, together. They aren't alien overlords or lizard-men. And someone making more money does not mean someone else makes less. You don't need to take money from one person to help someone else.
  4. From a Liberal fact checking website: True! The National Debt fell in a 6 month period under Trump.
  5. We must all turn our attention towards SDNY. Because we need to know if paying porn stars to keep quiet about sex, violates campaign finance laws, because it would have tarnished his public image.
  6. Maybe Trump didn't know it was illegal to agree with Putin about Hilary? Half of America colluded with Russia in getting Trump elected!
  7. I want the Democrats to continue pushing for impeachment. Facts don't matter if you have the moral high ground.
  8. Clinton had a surplus that was not used to lower the debt, Bush had a war to pay for. Obama increased the debt more than everyone else in history combined, and Trump actually lowered the debt for the first time in history, even if was just for a month. What you have to realize is that the government has much more influence in wrecking the economy, than helping it, for the basic reason that taking someone's money hurts them, while letting them keep it does nothing.
  9. Yet the first sentence they ever wrote spoke of equality. And the first section of the constitution is about rights. The very foundation of the Constitution is to limit the power of the upper class few to reign absolute power over the people. The "long slog" you speak of is to slow down the influence of the government. Any change to the Constitution is intended to be difficult and deliberate. We must be absolutely sure as a nation that whatever amendments we add is the direction we all believe in...
  10. How about I want to lower taxes, because I don't support putting brown children into chicken coops? It's all about the spin, baby!
  11. I never said we should stick with what the founders created. I even showed that what they created didn't work out too well. The best solution is to discuss the options and figure out a better solution. No one has said anything convincing in favor of going towards a straight voting system. I find that most people on this board have nothing to say. Usually it turns into name-calling, which is the universal white-flag of surrender in online discussion. Although, showing that knowing your alphabet to "o", even though he got "e" and "i" in the wrong place, is a new way to say "I yield".
  12. They were also smart enough to know that ideologies would change, so they allowed for the Constitution to change with it, if enough people (75%) agreed. We are currently at 50/50 on most debates in this country. It would probably help if the left would stop trying to silence half the country if they really want to change minds.
  13. Protestors have been celebrated as heroes for refusing to pay taxes to fund "unjust" wars, but then ridicule voters who want to reduce tax rates, because it isn't fair...
  14. Having to work for something, by serving in the military, is not getting something for "free"; it's compensation.