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  1. Glad your sister in law is doing better. My aunt was just released from the hospital here in NOLA after battling it for a week. We are grateful that she survived as she has a pacemaker. My sister is staying inside as she has lupus and doesn’t want to risk anything. I’m ready for this to be over with. without getting into politics (I am not a trump supporter and won’t engage with or disrespect anyone who is) I don’t believe the numbers coming from China are accurate. I think their cases are much much higher. They were not honest about this from the jump and in turn they kinda screwed the rest of the world. I would also like to see patient zero’s stats
  2. I’m not sure what’s confusing. No one knew or took COVID 19 seriously untiil March 13th ish. South Beach didn’t shut down until the 17th of March and other places didn’t shut down until later than that. everyone thought this was just some weird Thing that was more like the common cold. The FED didn’t panic until the second week of March as well. I’m not sure why people are saying she should have canceled in February. She got **** for canceling Super Sunday and other events beginning in March once everyone realized this was more serious than we thought however, this is a post about Bobby Hebert’s father and I’m not up for debating on a Sunday am
  3. God bless the Hebert family. Bobby has always been a great guy. Very down to earth I live in New Orleans and no one knew this Coronavirus was going to be this bad on February 25th which is when Mardi was. Things didn’t start closing down until Mid March.
  4. How do you guys feel about Xavier Rhodes? If he would come here cheap maybe a change of scenery would help get him back to form.
  5. Man how have you been? How are you holding up doing this corona thing? browns and dolphins gotta show me something. Idk if they can turn the offseason into wins.
  6. He signed for about 6 million and can get up to 8.5 with incentives. Good for him. I always liked watching him play. Cards having a nice offseason so far. They need to go O line and maybe add another pass rusher besides Chandler Jones.
  7. Ppl will deny everything to protect the man in the office. This could have been contained even more quickly had he listened to the CDC recommendation. People think sh*t is a joke until it happens to them or their family.
  8. Tru played at a pro bowl level last year after the first few games so I am surprised they didn’t try to keep him. He probably asked to be released to get more money on the open market. guess we’ll see a lot of Oliver and Kendall this year. Raheem will have them ready.
  9. Matt deserves better. This is ridiculous.
  10. Just heard on tv that Jeff Ulbrich is calling the D today. Should be interesting
  11. I like this move also Marquand decided to take a year off to focus on his family. He has two young sons
  12. This doesn’t make sense for the simple fact that they made a big deal about Quinn having full control over the roster. lmao at Quinn saying assistants are calling the plays now too. More scapegoats
  13. And there we have it. Coaching matters! I don’t think the guys are getting the proper coaching. Also, alford hasn’t played in a game for Arizona. He’s been on IR since preseason.
  14. Also this. Oliver is basically a rookie. Quinn should have played him more last season and brought in more competition at CB this offseason.
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