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  1. Schuerholz fell ***-backwards into Smoltz, Glavine and Avery, hit the jackpot on Pendleton and then had the cash to sign Maddux. Most of what else he did was 50/50. Thinking back to how flipping loaded that 1993-98 team was makes me sick. And they were always one reliever or bench guy short.
  2. This can only mean we’re taking a QB at 4. . . c’mon, someone had to say it sooner or later. . .
  3. It’s not the color of his skin, it’s the color of his uniform. Ohio State QBs do not have the most sterling track record in the NFL and that egg he laid in the championship may have been enough for some FO’s to say “see??? Just another Buckeye QB”. It’s not fair, but no one ever said life is.
  4. About time people start saying this. After ‘95 Schuerholz coasted on his ‘X consecutive division titles’ excuse. Other teams built rosters specifically to beat us while he sat on his hands or was giving away Jermaine Dye for Michael Tucker.
  5. Well if we didn’t have to carry 65 relief pitchers we might be able to use a PH early. But nooooo let’s waste a spot on yet another dime a dozen bullpen arm. Yes I’m starting to get salty
  6. This organization will never learn. Depth is what made them great last year, and they let the depth walk out the door. Just like the 1990s—the one season they had bench depth they won it all. They went back into the Schuerholz mindset of “hurr we have four awesome players so I’m heading to the bar” and let the back half of the team rot
  7. And Inciarte must have the baseball IQ of a lemon to mess up that bunt situation so badly. Seriously DFA him and bring up Waters or Kipnis
  8. Every pitcher that came up through the farm system and not named Soroka or Fried cannot put away batters with two strikes. Makes me wonder if it’s an instructional thing.
  9. This is the draft equivalent of polls suddenly tightening just before Election Day
  10. You gotta be s*****n me. Babe Panda!!
  11. Carrying a massive bullpen is pregnant with consequences. It increases a manager’s temptation to pull an effective starter too soon and also increases the chance of bringing in someone who doesn’t have it that day. Snitker has gotten too cute with the bullpen on numerous occasions and got burnt. 6 relievers should be enough most times and go to seven if you have a stretch with no off days.
  12. It took Elway 15 years to win a title and Luck never even won a conference championship. Losers. The minimum requirement for the new QB is he has to retroactively win 3 Super Bowls on draft day
  13. Why are some of you obsessed with drafting local guys?? Not enough pressure on them already?
  14. If we can find a trading partner and get value in return. Takes two to tango
  15. Pitts could be the replacement for Julio. We just move the matchup nightmare from outside to inside
  16. In this offense it’s a possibility. Imagine Pitts motioning out against a MLB or SS while the other TE stays put. The opposing DC will have an aneurysm
  17. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the logic of this whole thing. It’s like a parent telling their child “I don’t like the homework assignment you’re teacher handed out so you’re going to bed without dinner.” It only hurts the Braves and the business owners around the ballpark. It doesn’t hurt Kemp; if anything it helps him by giving him an issue to bring back Trump voters still ticked after last fall. And the Average Undecided Voter Who Decides Elections will forget and move on to the next hot topic within a month. The much better approach would have been to use
  18. I respect your difference of opinion, but it’s called tolerance, dude. The world could use a lot more of it these days. Let it slide. And Happy Easter everyone!!
  19. I just don’t see them taking Jones over Fields or Lance. Jones projects to be better than Trubisky but it has that vibe to it
  20. Hey the racism charge. . . Imagine that yawn
  21. If the aliens do their homework they will attack us on April 1. . . “Aliens are attacking!!!!” ”Oh stop it with that April Fools’ sh”——ZZZAAP
  22. Bull. And don’t start talking about an ‘unfair system’ to a white guy denied a slot in an MBA program because of quotas
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