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  1. If I wasn’t such a cheapskate I would overnight a case of brooms to Busch stadium
  2. “CT score”. . . . Another Quinn fail. My mom’s bridge group shows more fire than Takk and Beasley
  3. When Art finally pulls the trigger, he should have a couple goons drive up to FB in a huge black sedan, tell Quinn “boss wants to see you”, and toss him in the back. He needs to start earning that Godfather nickname
  4. Here’s the key question: under what scenario does Quinn turn it around?? His scheme is a flop, he handed $13m to Beasley in a deal so horrible that it makes the Jon Koncak deal look good, half the team doesn’t even try anymore, the defensive players he drafted don’t fit the scheme, the city will never forgive him for SB51, etc. Just fire him and move on. Had we lost the ‘16 NFCCG he would have been gone a year ago
  5. Only if they tear it down to the foundation. New coach, new philosophy, all new front 7 outside of Grady and Debo, purge every front office person associated with SB51, change the uniforms, preferably to those throwbacks with the black jerseys and red helmets, heck get rid of the red and black while we’re at it. It has become patently clear that those colors mean ‘big game disaster’ around here. Make Blank promise to stay off the sidelines, and in the first game vs the Saints one of our new DLs picks up Sean Payton and throws him through a folding table. All of this would be a good start.
  6. If NFL pay was performance based, the defense’s weekly check would be about six dollars
  7. Ryan is about 1,300 yards away from 50,000. . . .
  8. This only means he had 26 completions that weren’t touchdowns. Trade the bum
  9. I’m surprised he doesn’t have a cigarette in his hand
  10. Bring in Kroy Biermann to handle the kickoffs
  11. From 1936-41 the Boston Braves changed their name to the Boston Bees. They were still horrible. It’s not the ‘Braves’ part of the name that is jinxed. It’s the ‘Atlanta’ part
  12. Takes a lot for me to say this: I hope the Nationals beat their a**
  13. There’s a very simple answer for this: Our RF in 2020 needs to be Yasiel Puig
  14. There will be a huge brawl between these teams next season. It may happen at spring training
  15. While in the car this morning I was thinking about all of this, especially the Acuna situation, and it occurred to me that this town’s franchises seem obsessed with presenting a corporate culture. Every player that shows any fire or outspokenness is either shipped out of town or eventually has it beaten out of him. We end up with bland teams that just shrug off another postseason fail while the fans’ anger builds to nuclear. I’m still trying to wrap my head around Snitker’s “I’m not giving up on this kid” line about Acuna. Give up on him????? He could have crawled to first after hitting that near-home run and still been the best player on the team. I guess the Braves place a higher value on Matt Joyce hustling through the bag while getting thrown out by 30 feet on a routine grounder. When you stop and think about it that explains a lot.
  16. 77 combined playoff appearances in MLB/NFL/NBA/NHL. One title. How do you even DO that?????
  17. It all starts with ownership. As long as the teams are profitable and juuuust good enough to contend and keep us interested, in their minds that’s good enough. There is no sense of pride or urgency coming from the front office. All Atlanta teams except the United are too corporate pin their approach and we get burnt every single year.
  18. Can’t risk a fight and break a hand or thumb. These guys have tee times tomorrow. Priorities, y’know
  19. Best fight of the year. The Pirates dugout was giving him **** and he throws down his glove and went after the entire team. The Reds coaches were trying to pull Puig out of it because they had traded him about 20 minutes sooner and didn’t want him getting hurt or suspended. If the Braves had 1/4 of this type of fire they would be unstoppable
  20. Reds are my #2 team for this reason. They take s*** off nobody
  21. AMEN. wanna talk lack of leadership?? Freeman is general Patton compared to Chip. Final at bat of his career, in the final out of a close win or go home game, and he dogged it to first
  22. He’s playing hurt and had a rotten series. The Acura mess threw off the entire team. It was like the Bartman thing with the Cubs. Acuna’s trot didn’t cost them Game 1but they acted like it did. The national media (especially ESPN) loves to bash Atlanta sports, and these guys fell right into it
  23. Same old story with Atlanta teams. Tons of talent, no intangibles. They just hope to show up and win. Sickening, and it never stops
  24. Blank seems to fall back in his business instincts when it comes to running the Falcons. Hiring Pioli, Koetter, and all the other ex-HCs and GMs reminds me of businesses hiring consultants whose main job seems to be creating confusion and making everyone fear for their job. I can’t even imagine the office politics that go on in Flowery Branch. With so many people involved, you end up with muddled “consensus” decisions instead of bold action. If Blank wanted Pioli, he should have fired Dimitroff and made him GM then and there. This boardroom approach doesn’t work in the NFL.