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  1. If this crisis were a game, Matt’s thrown for 375 and 4 TDs. Drew Brees has two pick 6’s and got pantsed by the mascot.
  2. Maybe the change of scenery will get him going. We have a habit of drafting guys who bust and then become competent once they leave. Perhaps we’ll get some payback here.
  3. These rules are all we needed to know. The Falcons can 1). Guarantee the 5th year to a guy that, while he plays hard, has an underlying injury, or 2) see how this year plays out and franchise him if he produces. Basically the organization is chancing a risk premium that is the difference between the current 5th year cost vs the tag, which under these new rules sounds like it wouldn’t be that big of a number. Actually a shrewd move by the FO. But this is the Falcons, and we know how it will play out: Takk will blow up this year with 18 sacks, we’ll be a surprise 11-5 and win in the Wild Card round. Then Quinn will blow the Divisional game while Takk reinjures himself in the 2nd half. The FO will feel compelled to tag him despite the injury concerns, Takk will get about 4 sacks, we fall to 7-9, the fans run him out of town, and the next year he goes to Dallas or Miami and becomes a regular Pro Bowler, and the same fans who ran Takk off yell about TD not re-signing him. Par for the course.
  4. And if my cat had thumbs, I wouldn’t have to get up and feed it every morning. Bartkowski had 3 great seasons. Ryan has 10+ to date. Ryan’s historic comparable is Fouts, and Fouts was waaay better than Bart over their full careers.
  5. So what’s the deal with the Titans last night? I missed it
  6. I don’t want to sound cold, but why are bio lines like “Player X’s mother survived a botched boob job” required for every single pick?????? A human interest take is good occasionally, but this is starting to look forced
  7. I was waiting for someone to point that out
  8. I never understand why some Georgia fans feel the need to constantly try and glom onto other teams’ success
  9. Agree, but here we are. This franchise is stuck in no man’s land. Too much talent to crash and burn, but not enough depth to get over the top. Bad planning, bad timing and bad luck are all to blame. Ryan and Julio are becoming the Stockton and Malone of the NFL. This is why I’ve crossed “see the Falcons win the Super Bowl” off my bucket list and will replace it with something more realistic, like “build my own moon rocket” or “buy Quebec”.
  10. I agree we should have given these guys more snaps, especially Gono. But that's not what I’m reading. The tank crowd wanted to lose, not run a regular season training camp. And with Quinn’s job on the line, he was going to go with who he thought gave him the best chance. Tanking only works if all of the top players get hurt, the head coach knows he’s safe regardless of the record, and the owner knows fans will still show up despite finishing 3-13. Lacking that, everyone will behave in their own best interests.
  11. Each week every player is out there with his future on the line. You’re going to tell an average level guy to play at half speed so the team can draft someone that will take his paycheck? Good luck with that its the same logic that leads people to think TD has a big “Trade Back” button on his desk at the draft. Simple answers to very complex problems.
  12. I was hoping DL, but everyone crapped on the Lindstrom pick too, so I’ll take a wait and see on this one
  13. Strikes me as clickbait. Like a baseball reporter that picks a Cubs/Red Sox World Series every year. Talk up a QB from a top 10 school and watch the traffic roll in. I can not think of Fromm ever picking up and carrying UGA in a big moment. Always seemed the other way around. Heck, Matt Ryan had BC in the top 5 most of his senior year and they were terrible.
  14. Bottom line is that we now have 1,000 unemployed for every Covid-related death in the U.S. 1,000 careers disrupted, incomes upended, families losing their means if income, health benefits lost. This is imbalanced. There must be a better risk analysis. The whole ‘it’s all worth it if we save ONE life’ is irrational. It’s absolutely awful that a couple hundred thousand Americans could end up dying from this, but it will do none of us any good if we end up a broke country that can’t afford to take care of anyone, and over the next few years we lose millions from malnutrition, suicide, higher crime, and other effects of a depression.
  15. They’re. . . Ok. Not great, but not horrible. Like the ones they replace. Some folks around here are still so bent out of shape about SB 51 that everything the team does is reflexively hated on
  16. I know they’re trying to be unique, but every time I look at “ATL” all I can think of is a luggage tag
  17. My reaction? Meh. They’re not great, but not bad, and the return to black jerseys is what I was hoping for. My only complaints are the all-black/all-white, which looks cheap, and the tacky number font that reminds me of something the Buccaneers would do. The helmets are sharp and the two-color alternates look good. Overall it’s an ok, average design-by-committee product, like the team. So I guess it fits
  18. “Nothing motivates like the imminent prospect of being hanged.”—Ben Franklin
  19. I hope the Trailblazers win the NBA title and he congratulates everyone in Maine
  20. Can’t wait to see what God has in store for this team the next time they make the playoffs
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