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  1. Valdez looks like he wants to fight someone
  2. Nope, nope. When he got the play call after Julio’s catch Matt was supposed to look at everyone in the huddle, say, ‘let’s do our own thing’, call timeout, walk to the sideline, punch Quinn in the face, and audible to a Statue of Liberty play that ends with him stiff-arming Hightower while dragging half the Patriots D over the goal line, just like the script and soundtrack said. Burt Reynolds would have done that
  3. I hadn’t thought about halloweeen. I’d be so distracted I would drop the tv remote in a kid’s bag
  4. Snit is now 18-13 in the postseason. . .Bobby Cox, legend and Hall of Famer he is, was 67-69. In other words Snitker is a pretty good manager
  5. Blame yourself if you get gaslit by SAS. He gets paid to say dumb stuff and is alarmingly good at it. Getting sports insight from that clown would be like getting stock picks from Elmer Fudd
  6. No wonder they only scored 8 runs that series. There 3 1/2 hitters in that entire lineup
  7. I think of it more like an escape act. Talented QB vs. OSU + Bears. Fields is trying to get out of a safe 500 feet underwater.
  8. Reminds me of the day after the 2016 NFCCG and I was at lunch with a friend celebrating the win. Some chick behind me starts complaining about how ‘boring’ the end of the game was and her hipster doofus friends were all agreeing with her. I should have flipped their table over.
  9. Watching Pitts makes me almost happy we went 4-12 last year
  10. Pitts is so smooth. It’s like he’s gliding while the defender looks to be one more play from a heart attack trying to keep up. Some of the best body control I’ve ever seen. He is the unicorn
  11. Seeing all of this about it being 22 years since the Braves last WS appearance made me realize how bad it is for some other teams. Look at how long it’s been since a few other teams made it this far: Reds/A’s: 1990 Orioles: 1983 Pirates: 1979 Blue Jays: 1993 Brewers: 1982 Mariners: never (started play in 1977) Twins: 1991 Indians: 1997 And then there are teams like the Rockies who made it once (2007) and got completely wiped out in the series. The Dodgers had a 29-year drought before making it in 2017. Perhaps we’re not as ‘cursed’ as we think
  12. Do any of you on the Trade Ridley train realize he was one of the main reasons Pitts ate like he did yesterday??? ”Ridley’s a head case. . . Not the same. . . No longer a top WR. . . yeah, we should be able to get a first for him.” smh. Acting like the other teams don’t know about his off-field issues and have ‘CHUMP’ stamped on their foreheads.
  13. Yeah. After that it was over. Koo wasn’t missing AND HAVING A COACH WHO KNOWS HOW A FLIPPING CLOCK WORKS HELPS TOO
  14. I wonder if Rosario is still holding that trophy. . .
  15. I thought he finally broke the ‘*******!!!!!’ button on his phone
  16. 1914 1948 1957 1958 1991 1992 1995 1996 1999 2021 this will take a while to sink in. . . .
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