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  1. I prefer ‘going down with the ship’ but the plane anology is also quite apt
  2. Between Koetter’s coloring book of a game plan and the OL deciding to take the day off, the only difference a “dual threat” QB would have made today is adding 2 fumbles to the 2 INTs
  3. Ok, he watched the tape. But clearly he did not analyze or exploit it. Koetter personifies this organization today. Just another mediocrity hanging on and stealing Art’s money
  4. Between Koo and Tyler Bass, Georgia Southern is becoming Big Leg U
  5. “Ryan holds the ball too long” anyone pause and think that might be due to running a 4 verts offense???
  6. Who cares? So they go back to losing in the 2nd round every year. Wheeeee!!!! Since getting to Atlanta the Hawks have made the playoffs over 40 times and advanced to the Conference Finals twice. The most irrelevant franchise in all North American professional sports
  7. Like 90% of metro Atlanta, these guys do just enough to try and not get fired. And from looking at the box score and highlights, they are completely incapable of clearing that low bar. What a total waste of time and effort for us fans. Our family cat puts up a bigger fight when going to the vet
  8. Plus people need to remember we’re not talking about a HoF-level mentor. I love the guy for what he did here, but he’s Chuck Smith, not Bruce Smith.
  9. “How about [insert name of SEC coach here] for HC of the Falcons!” someone please make it stop. We’re gonna see calls for Hal Mumme and Houston Nutt before it’s all over
  10. So you’re suggesting the Falcons shouldn’t hire him. . . .
  11. If the Falcons hired Tomsula I would totally expect to find him sleeping in his car in front of the Flowery Branch OfficeMax
  12. The unfortunate truth is that jerks win Super Bowls. I just don’t see Blank and McKay bringing in a guy like Harbaugh. This organization seems to place a high value on consensus and they’re not going to bring a bomb-thrower into the room.
  13. Strikes me as just another guy that will burn out after 3-4 years here. And after his first double-digit loss, ‘3 straight NFCCG appearances and a Super Bowl appearance” will become “1-3 in the biggest games of his career”
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