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  1. Well, #11 shouldn’t have been standing right there
  2. And they give us **** for talking up the United’s championship. . .
  3. I refuse to believe that a team with average talent outside of the QB position can out-scheme more talented teams year after year. Something is up
  4. It’s shown me that NFL coaches couldn’t manage a clock if their lives depended on it
  5. Yep. Some time next week. . .
  6. Marino and Kelly never won a Super Bowl
  7. wth is wrong with you
  8. “Tough scene”. The crying part or the jock strap part??
  9. These rumors have been around for years. Brees and Payton are like roaches—we can’t get rid of them
  10. You have your opinion, I have mine. Look at how pathetic the Saints trolls act on here. This is probably the best team they’ve ever had (gotta admit, they’re pretty good), and the first thing these losers do is run over here and start posting. You call it ‘light hearted’. I’ve seen enough fights in the stands to know better
  11. No, I don’t like it because it’s stupid. Do I have the right to talk down to someone in Wisconsin because the Falcons wrecked the Packers in the NFCCG??? It’s pretty sad if the only fun you get out of watching sports is to feel superior to someone else when you win. Acting that way makes us no better than the trash fans of all these other teams
  12. Stuff like this is why I’m becoming less of a football fan. . . “You suck because the mercenary athletes I cheer for are better than the mercenary athletes YOU cheer for. . .”
  13. Agree 100%. I watched about 20% of the Falcons’ games this season and it was a glorious autumn. No swearing at the TV, no feeling that I wasted a Sunday afternoon just to see them blow it, and so on. Just watched the highlights and followed the boards here. The 49ers won the SB in New Orleans at least once when they were division rivals. The Cowboys won a SB here. If you’re losing sleep over all of this you need to re-evaluate your priorities in life. Being a Falcons fan is a good life lesson. It reminds me that A) life is full of disappointments and B ) even when the worst possible thing happens, the world doesn’t come to an end.
  14. Meh. Who cares. Just a game
  15. Make the throwbacks from 2009-12 the permanent uniforms. Black jersey, white pants, red helmet with the old logo. It’s traditional and unique. The problem with ‘hip’ designs like the current unis is that they start looking dated fast. The Falcons current look is very mid-2000s.