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  1. Funny thing is that fans want to act like Eisenhower at the strategy table in March, knowing full well that we all turn into raging lunatics with the opening day kickoff. —“Pick a QB at 4 and let him learn behind Ryan for two years”. Mm-hmm. The first time Ryan overthrows someone by a foot on 2nd and 1, within five seconds we’ll have a dozen “bring on da future” threads pop up. —“Cut/trade the vets and clear the cap.” Sounds good until we go down 3-0 after the first drive and every screams about Fontenot “destroying the team.” I want this team to do a absolutely eve
  2. I like a good stream-of-consciousness post. It’s a nice break from the endless “who do we take at 4” threads
  3. Going thorough my mind while reading the OP: “It’s like, there’s stuff here, man. . . . If you peel it away, y’know, and, and, and, stuff starts making sense. . . peel the onion, man. . .”
  4. Um. . . . .take one later in the draft or wait a year? Unless there was a rule change stating that QBs taken in the top 5 could only be replaced by a QB also taken in the top 5
  5. Trade Grady?? Reminds me of that scene in Apollo 13 when the guys in Houston are trying to figure out how to save enough electricity to power re-entry, and one of the engineers says “don’t open the parachutes”
  6. Seriously, watching ESPN for in depth sports analysis is like trying to get stock picks from Nickelodeon
  7. Sounds legit, since we all know Max Kellerman is a bottomless fountain of wisdom. . .
  8. My God, I forgot EJ Manuel was a first round pick. . .
  9. I just want a backup QB of high enough capability that the thought of an extended Ryan injury doesn’t give me a panic attack. Enough with the Chris Redmans and battered remnants of Matt Schaub. I could see Trubisky or Mariotta
  10. “We have a perfectly good ‘83 Plymouth in the garage, why get a new car”
  11. Yeah, I heard whatever teams draft Wilson or Fields automatically receive three Lombardi trophies at the podium
  12. This news will send TATF schizophrenia into orbit. . . . ”Demand at least 4 firsts for our aging, overpaid, noodle-armed statue of a quarterback”
  13. This ‘insider’ broke some huge insight that anyone who has studied the NFL for 10 minutes could figure out on their own
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