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  1. “Nothing motivates like the imminent prospect of being hanged.”—Ben Franklin
  2. Back around 1980 16 of the 21 NHL teams made it
  3. I hope the Trailblazers win the NBA title and he congratulates everyone in Maine
  4. Gotta feel happy for Andy Reid
  5. Can’t wait to see what God has in store for this team the next time they make the playoffs
  6. When Brees/Brady/Rivers/Ben retire in the next couple years, and suddenly Matt leads active QBs in just about every career stat, people outside Atlanta will finally realize how frikkin good he is. He’ll go in on the 1st or 2nd ballot. If the rest of the team doesn’t get it’s act together soon, he may be remembered as the best QB not named Marino to never win a SB. And that would be a **** shame.
  7. Recency bias is unbelievably annoying
  8. Good heavens. Mostert running like Walter Payton tonight
  9. How on earth did Green Bay go 13-3???
  10. That Chevy commercial is sooooo stupid: “Kids don’t know all of the safety features of an Eqinox. . . “. Well after wasting 30 seconds watching that crap neither do I
  11. Those 20,000 year old cave drawings found in France recently have better insight on the Falcons than any Jeff Schultz article
  12. Color is a consideration. I’ve read that INTs are higher when teams with similar helmets play each other (Dallas-Detroit for example)
  13. I said “ironic”, not “sissified”. Sheesh lighten up a little
  14. Anyone else find it ironic that the same message board that is obsessed with “trenches”, “get nastier”, etc. turns into a Paris fashion show whenever uniforms are brought up? ”The red piping would nicely accentuate the silver pants. . .but you need the right waist/hip ratio to really pull it off”