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  1. I hope the Braves and Falcons are taking notes, because this style is how you get a fan base behind you . . .
  2. Walks in the house, changes the channel, raids the fridge, beds the wife, leaves all the lights on, drives his car home
  3. Brian Snitker is the only person on this planet that didn’t see that coming
  4. This is why Snit is an idiot. That park gives up cheap home runs to righties and he brings in his lefty to face 4-5-6. Mangers are there to manage, not to make automatic non-thinking decisions
  5. Yeah—no more picking up utility poles, ripping phone books in half, boxing kangaroos or coach bro speak. I would have dealt Julio for that alone. the trade also exposed once and for all that ‘the brotherhood’ was a sham. ‘We’re in this together—unless you’re our best player and don’t feel like practicing’
  6. I think that’s a little much to ask. What would be funny is if we pound Jacksonville Week 18 to earn a playoff spot, while the JAX loss messes up Tennessee’s strength of schedule enough that they miss on a tiebreaker
  7. That’s why a player without a no-trade clause needs to be careful. I could very easily see a situation where Smith cleans things up and we finish 10-7 while TEN has some injuries and goes 8-9. Then what? Does he demand to be returned?
  8. Question is, if not for the cap crunch forcing our hand, would it have gotten worse? I have to think this will help in the clubhouse
  9. There is a lot of stuff we fans never hear. Looking back it’s clear that Fontenot and Smith knew Julio would never play for them and tried to hide their cards as best they could. My hunch is that things hadn’t been right since the 2019 contract issue and got much worse last year when it seemed Julio was dragging out his injury. Odds are someone called him out and there was a behind closed doors blowup of some sort. It wasn’t a happy ending but it could have been much, much worse. I give TF a 9.0 on this one.
  10. My favorite team got out from under a very bad situation and my preferred AFC team got better. I’m good. I’m waiting for the first time Julio raises his hand to take himself out, and Vrabel grabs him by the collar and shoves him back on the field
  11. Agreed. And they need to split up before someone gets seriously hurt
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