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  1. The only thing better than the sound of the Braves celebrating is the sound of silence from the Phillies, Mets and nationals . Not only did the Braves win, they blew their doors off
  2. But sticking a “28-3” billboard next to our stadium is fine. . . . that fan base is a d-bag all-star team
  3. I’d listen to Jesus on this one. . .
  4. The INT issue should clean up over the next few weeks. We go through this every time we change OCs. Turnovers go through the roof early in the year, then everyone finally masters the playbook and the offense clicks. This is Ryan’s fourth coordinator change. Malarkey to Koetter to Shanahan to Sarkisian and back to Koetter. Each time he finally gets the hang of the system the OC either takes a HC job or gets run out of town
  5. You’re catching on. . . .
  6. I feel. . . . nothing. What’s the point? 1). It was the first game of the season, and 2) even if they won, and kept winning,deep down we all know this season ends with them getting their *** handed to them in the biggest possible moment
  7. Yep. I’m constantly reminded of the old Seinfeld line: “we’re just cheering for laundry”
  8. Besides the felonies involved, another shameful angle to this is that Steelers and Patriots fans’ takes on it will be exactly the opposite of what they would have been 9 months ago
  9. My man Glanville DID win a playoff game in New Orleans. . . . if our current coach did that we would be calling Mercedes-Benz Stadium ‘Dan Quinn’s Big Ol’ G*****ned Building’. . .
  10. The only correct answer is Jim Hanifan
  11. Where do we find these people??????
  12. The part that bothers me is that some of the biggest meltdowns this afternoon were from the same people that were posting ‘this our most talented roster ever!!!!’ earlier in the week. If you are still setting yourself up for disappointment after the 2012 NFCCG, the 2013 collapse, SB51, choking away the ‘17 playoff game in Philly, and last year’s disaster, you have no one to blame but yourself. I will always cheer for the Falcons, but my optimism is locked away until they are up 51-10 with :03 left in the Super Bowl—and only if we have the ball and the other team is out of time outs
  13. By my count, the five Atlanta franchises that play/have played in the big four leagues (Braves, Falcons, Hawks, Flames and Thrashers) combined have about 77 playoff appearances and one title. . . . Part of it is bad luck, but a lot of it is a lack of urgency by the star players and coaches (I’m looking at you, Chipper, Maddux, Glavine, Cox and the rest of the ‘get them next year’ crew from those Braves teams) and front offices that lack an instinct for the jugular and build teams just good enough to come up short at the biggest moments
  14. Meh. Par for the course. These days I cheer for this bunch out of habit more than a belief that they’ll screw up and win a title
  15. What they are is a franchise known for fast, talented players, crazy finishes( good and catastrophic), a bunch of lunkheads for coaches, players that forget what they are doing at key moments, sloppy penalties, and above all inconsistency. Been this way for all 39 seasons I’ve been cheering for them. We’re part of the bengals/chargers/panthers class in the NFL—teams that often have lots of talent and promise but are too unlucky or stupid to win it all