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  1. Since AB is not going to make an in-season move barring total collapse. It would be interesting to see IF DQ and TD would be flexible enough to change their mindset and MO to show a some improvement who knows it might work. We are not going to the SB now anyway. Be open tollĺ like giving Grace, Neasman, Larkin, Ellison, Cominsky, Graham more playing time. Bring back TBJ and give Hageman a chance. Bring in McDonald or Illokia who have veteran experience at Safety and give them a shot. Maybe make a trade not for trade sake but one that will help. BUT DQ and TD won't even try instead DQ will continue making fancy sounding bites like we are almost there and we have no room for error. This FO is very stubborn and has blinders on.
  2. I was so disappointed when I heard Quinn on radio today it was the same "we have no Room for error" Really? "Every man in that locker Room is committed " Really? We're close" But you got 50 dropped on you,. Arizona with a Coach who couldn't win in his college conference beat you. Is it the Cardinals your talking about being close to? No moves, no giving Neasman, Ish minutes. No letting Grace play more. Giving Graham some of Stocker's minutes Cominsky and Larkin some of Vic's minutes. Maybe go back and get Hageman Take another look at McDonald and Iloka No we are going to give Ellison some minutes. No trades Just we have no margin for error. Really. et what about playin nice M and 4 ish are getting brain lock in back playing Graeme more oil Valley suiting up in playing Ellison
  3. Please, pretty please don't let TD or DQ no where near the draft OR have any type of influence. Not even a small one. I'd rather have G Dawg.
  4. I still don't know if DQ is not well. Is it denial? Why can't he see it? Neasman should best starting. We should have taken a chanceonone of the two veterans Safeties that tried out. They couldn't have done worse. Grace should be playing. Graham should be playing more. Hage can do better and make more plays. Larkin and Cominskyshould get some of Vic minutes Cooper never should have been cut. Ellison should get some minutes. When it is wrong at least try and fix it! But he just sits looking dumbfounded. Wishing and hoping he and TD are not willing to change. This is why I believe he isn't well and needs to be evaluated. Or something or someone is trying to set him up to fail. What did he say "We have to work on stop giving up big plays." Really???? This was a team that was expected to go deep in the playoffs. Something is very wrong!
  5. MNF

    Some on this Board crucified Bevil. I don't know but I think DQ was serious about hiring him The Board outcry was load. He is not "trash" like some of you called him. He would have been great with our offense.
  6. We had a chance to get much needed veteran help at Safety even Rico is having a time and we've made ISH pickup weight and loose weight but instead of TD and DQ getting something different and getting some veteran help maybe McDonald or Ilokia ( they sure can't do any worse and they might have helped us win) but nooo TD and DQ and some on this Board don't think anyone is good enough so they sit on their hands, wishing and hoping and don't do nothing so its their fault
  7. I actually found myself feeling sorry for him after the game he went to Matt Bryant to shake his hand. But maybe that ia part of the problem he is too buddy- buddy with his players. I still don't think AB will do anything until after the season. Who knows AB and TD may be into most decisions that were made. I do hope he removes himself from DC. That wasn't a wise decision anyway. At least MM had an excuse with all the injuries.
  8. Wow you are mad at Matt Ryan???????? Really, really?????????? Is this something personal???? I'm just saying.
  9. They got a way with a hold, the refs stink. We should not be in a close with the Cardinals but the Refs should be in Middle school ball
  10. something happened in Georgia this weekend Rod missing and Matt too. Braves give up 10 runs in the 1st. We must beg for forgiveness
  11. DQ'S biggest problem is he refuses to change and he's trying to live in the past. 2016 is gone, we had it we blew it! What Seattle used to do doesn't work for the present day Falcons. Why can't he see it? He wrongly tried to make Sark and MM someone else. Why won't he see it. Shanny is having a good time in SF and ain't studying us. Or maybe TD and DQ don't know or have the strength to change it.
  12. Crawford and Clayborn have fell off this year. I don't care what anyone says I would bring back Larkin and Odum and play Cominsky some at DE. They won't do worse. And I'd bring back Hagerman back with Senat to help Grady. Ellison needs some of Freeman's touches and Graham needs to play for Stocker. We had a chance to get a vet at Safety like McDonald or Iloka but nooo DQ and TD sat on their hands they wouldn't have done worse. Foye and Grace need to play but noooo DQ thinks we are good like we are?????????????????
  13. At least AB should demand DQ relinquishes the DC job. I'd rather MM and Cox back.000
  14. DQ refuses to use a big back. He refuses to see if it will work. Sad to me
  15. Whether we like it or not the Boss has spoken. Some interject their personal feelings but this came from the Boss mouth. I don' know if TD and DQ know how and are willing to fix this. They are really set in their ways.
  16. I loved your post Federico Falcon. Something's are not gonna realistically or can be done. MR has his faults like most NFL players but he has had a great career. I do think we should look into the GM, HC, OC, DC and Staff. This can be turned around next year with a different mindset, luck, non-favorism, and making some hard choices. But let me warn you new is not always good. Look at the REDSKINS they have had high draft choices for years and money but it hasn't helped them. It is about people in charge.
  17. We will win and DQ will start his B S about "How every man in our locker and on our Staff is committed!"
  18. I hate to say it but it might be even more dangerous if he wins because then DQ will come back with his rah-rah slogans and think he was right all the time
  19. And how can you establish a run game when your OL is weak and I don't know if our OL Coach can coach them up. Add to that a refusal to use a big back.
  20. I really don't understand why and if you think MR is the problem. He is not perfect -secret (few are) but he has been a very good QB for years. He stays out of controversy but some just don't like him no matter what he does. TD has supplied him with some awful OL'S. Besides Shanny he hasn't had a great OC. Believe me we have way more problems than MR.
  21. I like Chuck Smith but we don't need a total rebuild. That takes years and luck. You think fans are willing to lose and play poorly for 3-5 years? No what we need is a different mindset. Maybe get TD away from any personnel decisions. Maybe DQ and get a new DC and OC. Get rid of undeperforming vets. Be willing to take some chances.
  22. TD and DQ need to beg for forgiveness. Somewhere Sark, Manual, Cox, LeFleur, and maybe Smith might be thinking this is payback