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  1. One option that makes $$$$ is go get N.E. DT big Danny Shelton. Okay he's has some imperfections but he is big, experienced and low cost. We are going to have to pay GJ like a superstar. Big Shelton taking on DL's will make GJ more effective. Then we can use our 1st and 2nd on the OL how about Cody Ford and Lindstrom. Or trade back- pick up an another 2nd and take A. Dillard, in the 2nd take Lindstrom and CB CB Travon M. from Clemson, in the 3rd we get OLB Chase Winovich, you also pick up an extra 4th with this scenario which will give us three 4th so we can get Holyfield, OT McGabe and UGA TE Nauta. In the 5th we have two, we go Center L. Galliard and PR Meco Hardemen. With last two picks we go J R Reed and QB Minshew. Getting big Shelton for the low this can make this realistically happen.
  2. I fear people are too over confident, that hurt us last year too. injuries are going to happen in the NFL we can't be close minded and think of just a strong starting lineup, we must think of a strong 53. The question to me is can we get a strong enough 53 to survive a grueling NFL schedule, go to the playoffs and make it to the SB?????
  3. Only thing is DQ doesn't like beefy players.
  4. Some people are just BLESSED! This ain't even lucky. If DQ really wanted to maximize this he would bring back MS as a PLAYER/COACH for 1.5 million he could help mentor a 5th or 6th like Rypien, Minschew, Sorley, Tamu or Fitzgerald and if needed he could be activated before game day. At 4 million we could use that money towards a FA OL or OF or if GJ $$$$ bid gets out of hand. Man I hope the F O ain't gonna mesh around this year playing favorites. We need to go for the jugular vein.
  5. Rasard Ross formerly of the Redskins now playing in the AAF for Arizona has the net buzzing. Blazin straight ahead speed, he can stretch the field, returns punts and is a plus on ST's. I think he can do for us what Gabriel did when he came here. Ross would be low cost, our ST Coach has history with him, I know it was only one game but we need to take a close look at Ross before some other team snaps him up.
  6. On the net they said some of the Redskins were upset that the Skins let Ross go. Sounds like how the same thing with Gabriel and the Browns. I'm just saying we can't sit back and not scout them hard. We can't be over confident this is year we have to take the approach of leaving no stone unturned or the results will be the same.
  7. If teams are smart they will scout the AAF hard. There will be some uncovered jewels there. The cost will be low and MAYBE you can adjust some of your late round Draft. The F O needs to put a magnet on the AAF's OL and DL maybe there is something they could like there. Maybe not but it doesn't cost you much and there may be a person there who can give you depth.
  8. It will happen for Grady no matter what some think. I just hope since we will have to invest so much that we will get a big baller next to him to maximize his talent.
  9. How is Andy Levitre doing? I know he gets injured but he has experience and for the right price may be an option to keep for depth and mentor the OL we will draft
  10. Holyfield.
  11. I hope we make Schaub a Coach (save money) and give him that job. If MR gets injured we could put him on the active roster. So he would be a COACH/PLAYER
  12. IMHO we want a shot at the SB. Every team is excited now, some have 100 million in Cap space. We have to be prudent BUT we have to upgrade our 53 if we are going to achieve our goals. We can't just be Okay that won't get us there. We are going to swing for the fence at least one time on an O LINEMAN or D LINEMEN and have a GREAT DRAFT. But some think high Draft picks will automatically improve us. Usually there is a learning curve for rookies. No more " We are good like we are."
  13. I'm surprised with all the job openings I haven't heard if our ex- DC has been hired. I know some on this Board want to nail him to the cross but in his defense we had a lot of crucial injuries on that side of the ball and the F O kept trying to put a bandage on a bleeding artery. Maybe he was a little over his head but I believe he was running DQ'S defense. It is not his fault that certain highly paid players didn't step up. That is why I feel he would make a great DB Coach for some team. Maybe a college coach. Anyone heard anything about him?
  14. Some on this Board thought he was done, maybe true. maybe not. But Arizona invest's what 22 million in him. Some crucified Alford but I don't know if those injuries played a part in his play last year. I realize T D has to clear some cap face for GJ, JJ and probably VB. Maybe TO did Alford a favor.
  15. Rather have Lawrence or Simmons
  16. Great time to trade back and add picks. Pick 350 lb. DT Lawrence is there at 17-22. We are going to give Grady top 5 money so we need a pile pusher to maximize his talent. With our 2 second round draft picks we take OG Chris Lindstrom and CB Trayvon Mullen. DE Ledbetter in the 3rd. With our 3, 4th round picks we go OG/ C M. Dieter, and Holyfield. With 2, 5th's we go PR/WR Mecole. With 6th we go QB Brett Rypien and 7th we take that 274 lb FB.
  17. Yo some of you are cold! Ok Alford didn't have a good year but I don't know if injuries and NO PASS RUSH played a part in his decline? I understand the saved $$$$ but some of you guys go for the jugular vein. Man, Blank's wife, OC and DC coordinators and the special teams coach, F O cutting cats like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Thanks Alford for what you gave.
  18. Good, maybe it will inspire us. I'm concerned about the F O and some being too overconfident. That hurt us last year.
  19. Coaching and Staff are critical to winning the SB.
  20. Great work SLEEPERS Look at the Dawgs J. R. Reed he called defensive signals. OG/OT Beedles 333 lbs. From Michigan St. They would be good late round steals.
  21. I think they said a girl was beating up his sister. What would you do if some girl was girl was whupping your sister? They said he has been excellent at Miss. St. Sometimes we have to forgive.
  22. May be a sleeper
  23. Wilkins for our needs. Oliver if we can get Lawrence in the 2nd which means we won't go OL until the 3rd, NAH.
  24. I felt Poe was over rated and overpaid. That being said his girth complements Grady and DJ. Can we get Lawrence, D. Mack or K. Sanders in the draft to do the same thing for a much cheaper price?
  25. It is a good Draft and you did good. LOL how this is just our individual perspectives and opinions but some people act like it is the real draft. I guess we'll be having this kinda fun until the draft.